Read-only on Originals

Is it possible to set originals to be “read-only” to prevent deletion by Mylio during syncing? Thanks.

In Mylio - no. In your operating system - maybe.

Why do you think Mylio would delete your originals during syncing?

Note that Mylio DOES require the folder(s) storing your originals to be writable. That’s where it puts the XMP sidecar metadata files. I would guess making the actual photo files read-only would still work, but I haven’t tried it.

Mylio wouldn’t be able to honour device sync policy changes if it couldn’t delete originals from where they are no longer needed.

I copied photos to Mylio folders (/home/Michael/Mylio/2002, /home/Michael/Mylio/2003, …) on my MacBook Pro (non-vault device) because I thought Mylio forgot to copy or sync those folders (I see only xmp files on all the folders but no jpg, nef, raf, cr2, etc.).

When I realized my Mac is not a vault and shouldn’t have actual photo/video files, I went to my Mac and deleted all of those files (jpg, nef, raf, cr2 except xmp) I copied earlier.

When I deleted those photo/videos files from my Mac, Mylio also deleted all the originals from my vaults.

Interesting: I did what you did, and Mylio did indeed remove the original from the vaults as well as the folder that didn’t need it in the first place.

I guess this is a lesson in not trying to work on the engine when it is running!

Please let me know if setting photo/video files (not folders) to READ-only on vault devices (eg. external drive, NAS) would be a good workaround in preventing accidental deletion of originals. Thanks.

I would like to add a feature request: make Mylio asks for your confirmation first in the app before performing actual deletion of originals.

Regarding “I guess this is a lesson in not trying to work on the engine when it is running!”:

If you deleted the files in Mylio folders at the OS level while Mylio engine is not running, once Mylio is started, wouldn’t Mylio starts deleting the originals to sync-up?

It already has a couple of features that would help - one is explained here: Understanding Safe Delete on Vaults - Mylio Support
The other is 'Show file changes" in Settings->General. This flags items that have appeared or disappeared in the file system, where Mylio didn’t make the change.

I wouldn’t set the images to read-only, if I were you. What I do is to make sure I have backups outside Mylio - which I have only needed when I have done something silly, or when an image has become corrupt (disk drives do fail). I use Carbon Copy Cloner for this, it only copies the changes and keeps a historical change trail too.

You’re right. It’s an incomplete analogy :astonished:

I just tried the same test again with ‘Show file changes’ turned on - and Mylio DID flag the deletion of the original file that was technically unnecessary on that device, asking whether to proceed or undo the change. I think this is the right way to prevent such a thing happening again, rather than setting anything to read-only in the operating system.

@aearenda, if we were to make a feature (hypothetically) that will allow certain folders to be read-only, you will not be able to delete, move or organize photos from those folders from any device on the account - not even in Mylio and not even on the device on which you added the source folder. And if you remove them from the File System on those devices, they’ll come back everywhere (like with Safe Delete on Vaults).

Is that what you would expect (or would like to happen) in this case? Or do you have something more subtle in mind?

I’m not advocating such a development - I was just responding to @mlim’s question that started this thread. I think Safe Delete and Show File Changes are sufficient to prevent this situation from occurring again.

@aearenda - ahh sorry, I misunderstood your reply.

@mlim - did you check your Trash Can/Recycle Bin on all your devices? Mylio has an internal policy that we will never outright delete an original - even via syncing. We always move it to Trash. You should still have them there, even if they were deleted by Mylio.

This has been very useful to me in the past, but it can lead to the vault drive unexpectedly filling up - you win some, you lose some :slight_smile: .

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I did not check the Trash on my Mac as I have another copy of backup on external drive (although it’s not as up-to-date). I will try to check if the files/folders (from 2002-2021) are still there or not, it happened 2-3 weeks ago.

The only time Mylio should delete a file physically from a vault:

  • when user used Mylio app to delete a photo/video
  • when user gave confirmation in Mylio app to delete the original after deleting the file at OS level

If a file is deleted at OS level at one of the vaults and if safe delete is enabled, Mylio should re-copy the missing file back to the vault where it was deleted. If safe delete is disabled, Mylio should ask user for confirmation before deleting original from another vault (if there is more than 1 vault).

By the way, you may try this and you’ll see that Mylio will delete the originals from your vault (without asking for permission). I have 2 vaults (external drive & NAS) and both have safe delete enabled, but Mylio did not re-copy the originals when I deleted photos under Mylio folder from my Mac (non-vault device).

  1. Copy some photos from vault to non-vault device (I copied photos from /Users/username/Photos/2002 on external drive to /home/username/Mylio/2002 on Mac)

  2. Open 2 Finders, go to /Users/username/Photos/2002 (external drive) on Finder 1, and go to /home/username/Mylio/2002 (Mac) on Finder 2

  3. Position the 2 Finders side by side so you can see what’s happening in real time

  4. On Finder 2, delete all the photos under /home/username/Mylio/2002 on Mac

  5. On Finder 1, watch all originals getting deleted under /Users/username/Photos/2002 on external drive

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