Ready for iPad OS 14?

Is Mylio already ready for iPad OS 14 or should I wait updating? I read in another post about possible issues with the new Android 11.

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I’ve been using Mylio with iOS 14 beta since the beginning, and the only issue is when you resume the Mylio app it crashes. A fresh open, fixes it, everything else from my experience/awareness works perfectly

It’s working ok for me on the release version of iPadOS 14 so far, even on resume - though I haven’t done a lot with it yet.

I’ve just updated to iPadOS14 and there seems to be no problem. Thanks a lot.

Mylio crashed & exited the first time I opened it after upgrading to IOS 14. But after re-starting the app (and re-granting it access to my photos) it seems to work fine.

I’m guessing IOS14 resets app permissions to access stuff like photos, camera, and location? After upgrading, almost every app re-asked me to confirm access permissions.

Turns out I spoke too soon - it does crash on resume after a a long break, as described by @matherton.

Thanks everyone for the collaboration here. With Mylio version 3.11 released for iOS and iPadOS today (which has our iOS 14 versions) we are now able to start working on new bugs. The issue mentioned with Mylio crashing when relaunching from the background has been reproduced on our end and is being investigated with high priority.