Remove rather than delete individual files

I understand how to remove folders from Mylio but would like to remove some individual files that I moved by accident.

Is this possible and if so how?

Sorry for such a simple question but I"m very new to MYio

There is a Remove Folder from Catalog command - but unfortunately no Remove File from Catalog command. I’m not sure why.

You would need to Delete the photos instead. Alternatively, maybe you could move those photos into a separate folder, then use the Remove Folder from Catalog command? Note that it must be a top-level folder to be able to use the Remove command.

Hi Linda - depending on how many photos you want to remove you can approach this in different ways. If you simply want to move a few photos out of Mylio on occasion, you can simply select the photo in any View, right-mouse click or use use the Action Menu “Show in Finder/Explorer”. This will present to you the photo in the file system and from there you can move it where ever you like. Mylio will detect the file system change and the photo will no longer appear in Mylio.

For more than a handful of photos, this process might be too cumbersome, so like @jimre suggested, move all photos to be removed into their own folder. I would personally in this case use a color label on the photos I want to remove, then filter by that label, select all, and move them to a new folder. You can also try using the Clipboard to achieve the same.

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Thanks for the prompt response.
There are enough files to merit using the folder suggesion and I’ve watched your video about colour labels so that all makes sense.

I hadn’t thought to use Show in Finder option in this way so that will help with the files that I can’t identify - a double bonus.

Thanks very much, I’m enjoying using Mylio and this will help recover from some of m y beginner mistakes!!!