Rename part of filename

Is it possible to rename part of a filename? I have this scheme:

YYYY-MM-DD-Original filename-Sequence number

For some photos the DD part is wrong. Is it a way that I can change this for several photos?

Not in Mylio but you can change it in Finder (or Windows equivalent) and Mylio will pick up the change. I’ve been doing a bit of this lately.

So you have changed part of a filename for several photos in one click? You do that by search?

I can only speak for mac, but in finder, if you highlight several photos at once and right click and hit rename, it has several renaming optoins - the most handy for me is a replacement, one, where you tell it what part you want to change and what to replace it with. Best if all photos you’re renaming together are in the same folder obviously.

What is the original filename? and sequence number? cant you just rename the entire file again after correcting the date of the picture? Just wondering what is the original filename and why you want to keep that.
You can in the info panel on the right just change the filename, but thats only useful for one by one or a few files, not a long batch.

Is this a Time Zone issue? eg, your photo shoot went past “midnight” because your camera was set to the wrong time zone?

If so I’d think you’d want to actually adjust the time for those photos (Adjust Time and Date dialog), shifting the time by X number of hours. Then re-run the Rename Files command on those photos.

Thank you, but I don`t see that solution on pc?

The files are named like this: 2020-08-02-FLI_7368-0009.nef. The origninal filename from camera is FLI_7368. This is one of several photos taken on 20. august. So I want to replace 02 with 20 for several photos. Yes I can rename one by one, but I am looking for a quicker solution.

I use Total Commander for this kind of jobs (under Windows). There you have under “Files - Multi-rename tool” a very useful function.

Very good! Just the tool I needed:)

Just my 2 cents

  • there is a file name tool in Mylio that allows you to rename based on elements like, folder, date, time, etc of the picture and you can customise the format. Of course the tool does not know what your old, original filename was. If your filenames woudl be based on the exif data like date and time of the picture, you can have it automatically renamed form within Mylio.
  • So in your current naming, only the old filename prevents you from using the rename tool within Mylio. I would just ask/suggest to consider if you really need that old filename from your camera.

Not trying to be difficult :slight_smile: you have the right to use and name your files as you want. Just trying to contribute.

Regards. L.