Reorder / filter which fields are displayed in the sidebar

This is something that @Greg mentioned in another request:

and I couldn’t agree more. I usually work on smaller screens or an iPad and I constantly find myself scrolling down in the sidebar to view a field positioned below less relevant stuff. Good example are the new categories.
And depending on the task it may differ what I need in focus or easily reachable. So ideally there would be different templates to easily switch between.


Similar - I like condensing the sections I’m not currently using - but on every photo (or every album/folder? I don’t remember), it resets, and I have to close them again.

+1, there are some fields I never use, while the ones I do use like the Source are all the way at the bottom of the sidebar.

Example use case: since Mylio still doesn’t have any kind of duplicate reviewal, I find myself selecting duplicates manually and then looking at the bottom to see the source of which folder or album it’s in, to decide which one to keep and which one to delete. When the side bar elements keep re-opening themselves, I have to constantly scroll all the way down, or keep collapsing the sections which don’t get saved.

Being able to re-order the fields in the sidebar, hide ones I don’t care about, or even just saving the expanded/collapsed state would be very helpful and save a lot of time.