Replace "Scan for Changes" with "Read Metadata from File"

Mylio has a Scan for Changes command but it seems pretty mysterious and unpredictable how it works. What exactly gets scanned when chosen? The selected file(s)? folder(s)? Everything? Not clear if this command is “scoped” to selection, or not. Is it reloading metadata from the original JPEG, DNG, or HEIC file? Or does it just look at XMP file (if exists)?

This command operates asynchronously - in the background, it seems. No feedback, or way to see its progress. It seems to take an indeterminate amount of time to complete - sometimes you see changes immediately, sometimes after several minutes, sometimes never? How do you know when it’s “done”?

I propose that Mylio replace this command with an explicit Read Metadata from File command instead. This would operate only on the selected scope (files or folders). It would show some type of progress bar or task-completion notice. It would reload metadata from the underlying file if possible (JPEG, DNG, HEIC, etc). If XMP file exists, warn the user when it differs from underlying file metadata, and ask if they want to overwrite.

An explicit Read Metadata from File command would make interop between Mylio and other apps much quicker, more accurate, and more predictable. Thanks!