Request for protection from catastrophes

Reading about the current problem where the iPad version of Lightroom has apparently destroyed many iPad users media and the media cannot be recovered frightened me. Someone who shot thousands of pictures on a months vacation lost them all, permanently.

Now of course we all know better and take appropriate precautions…

But it did remind me again how vulnerable I am to my mistakes or Mylio’s bugs. Undo has a limited ability to fix things, and Mylio has unlimited ability to mangle every copy of all my files. Years ago I experienced Mylio bugs that forced me to re-import all my Aperture files several times (glad I kept them). Since then only a few batches of mangled files have hit me, but I would feel much better with some way to recover from a catastrophe.

Keeping an offline vault as a kind of archive makes me feel better, but there seems to be no documented way of restarting Mylio with that as a new basis, and the catalog presents particular problems since there is metadata that only exists in the catalog - like any changed video metadata - and for a NAS vault the catalog does not exist on the NAS, just the Mylio servers. If the catalog can’t be salvaged, a lot of work is lost even if the media persist.

My current strategy is to clone a USB vault, the Mylio Support files, and the Mylio app, but I have never had the nerve to test this. I also keep another non-Mylio drive with all my originals added to it during import and never changed, kind of a write only repository, and it has definitely rescued me a few times even though I had to recreate any metadata that had changed.

I would like to see Mylio Support some sort of archive or versioning that could be used in case of a catastrophic problem that impacts the catalog and all the vaults. The Lightroom bug made me feel like I’m walking on thin ice.


I agree with much of your request. At a minimum, there should be better documentation on how to recover from losing your primary Mylio installation & starting over.

As for the Lightroom iOS bug - it’s unforgivable the LR CC team didn’t fully test this update, or maybe even realize that people might have local cached photos not yet uploaded to their cloud. But let’s be honest - anyone who lost pictures due to this bug did so because THEY ONLY HAD A SINGLE COPY of their images on their phone/ipad. They’d have been just as screwed had their phone/iPad been lost, stolen, or damaged.

I don’t know if it’s technically feasible, but it might be an opportunity if Mylio iOS could somehow ingest LR iOS images, creating a local backup of them.

I’m with you alll on this but on the other hand there is only a limited way to protect this by the product itself. If Mylio (or therefor any other tool) make a “backup” the question woudl be what shoudl it be? Write once the originals but never updates or changes and never delete? Thats a ready safety copy but the result in case of recovery woudl never be your library as you had it.

If Mylio would d have to write updates to the archive, what updates shoudl it be? Folder changes, Coor changes? etc. many people probably have different priorities and preferences as what shoudl or shoudl not be archived. If we say everything, well … then i think you have the vault option today.

Event and album information i indeed not saved outside of Mylio. On the other hand, depending on how you organise your pictures, since using Mylio I stepped away from Albums (only limited use). I started to adopt the event folder structure which woudl mean that in case I woudl have to start completely from scratch, my entire folder structure can be imported, whatever is in the xml files would be imported and the events are actually each of the folders, so by re-enabling the events per folder that woudl also be solved.

That said, I understand the worry, I have our entire family history digitised till late 1800. I woudl not like to lose those either. I have 3 Mylio vaults, and alway 1 of them is offsite, just in case the house woudl burn down. The offsite one is only synced every month or so when I have all others at home synchronised and all is working properly. Then I bring the offsite one back home and one of the other vault goes offsite. So in that way I never have all of the vaults connected at the same time. In worst case I can only lose the last month or week or so. But compared to losing all :slight_smile:

Im also other safe, so I dont use the Mylio capability to upload to google, but I sync independently also all pictures to google in the free format. That woudl be my kind of last resort if everything else fails.
So overall I have 4 copies of everything :slight_smile: and I never trust a tool. :slightly_smiling_face:

Having dealt with DAM sw for over 3 decades I’ve seen many come and go. but the synchronisation option from Mylio with the ability to offsite and sync later of the vaults gives me a good redundancy.
I have had problems in the past, I lost actually two vaults :slight_smile: Just when I thought I would maybe get rid of one. I had no problems of getting me new storages and just synchronise from scratch as there is always one of them still working. But even if entire Mylio woudl have to be restarted, with the folder structure from the offsite vault, I can restore 99% i believe, at least. especially now with the event folder structure. (all my older videos have been edited with adjusted file dates, metadata and xml files to ensure correct dating)
and for the price of a 5TB USB disk, I dont want to risk losing all the media :slight_smile:

Just sharing my 2 cents.

Mylio’s clever syncing is surely also its largest liability (no different from Lightroom). You definitely need an external backup. The UI doesn’t help - once you have two Vaults set up (or one with a “backup flag” set), Mylio is very reassuring. But it’s self-hosted, so it can never really know if you’ve done your backups right.

The simplest paranoia mechanism is to add a Vault on Google Drive, then use e.g. the Copy Folder app to make a complete copy of the folder that Mylio is maintaining.

That way, you just need to point a fresh Mylio at the backup folder to bring everything back. It’s not automatic or cheap, but it is easy.

(this isn’t beyond Mylio’s reach, as it has permission to nuke your whole Drive - but a second folder would be beyond the reach of the “clever syncing”, which is what I’d care about)