Restoring ignored faces

According to instructions and other posts, bringing back ignored faces should be easy: Shift-Space on the photo you are on (or click on the face icon in the right upper corner) and you should be able to tag the faces again. Well, this does not work for me. Not only ignored faces remain ignored (not scanned) but also existing face tags permanently disappear. I have many important photos which I need to re-scan. Is there any solution? Thanks.

It sounds strange, but did you right-click on the photo and select “rescan faces”? That resets the ignored faces and after a minute or so the detected faces can be identified. It might be so that the face is obscured and the algorithm cannot find it, but those cases are in my experience quite obvious.
That the “existing face tags permanently disappear” sounds very strange, I think you need to give a bit more details for us to help you.

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Thanks for your reply, Govvamuorra.
Glad you mentioned „a minute or so”. The delay is the problem. While on my smartphone faces are rescanned usually in several seconds, on my PC and a laptop wait time is anything from many minutes to forever. These are relatively new machines, no other major programs are running, CPU usage is only 2-5%, so we cannot blame the phenomenon on lack of processing power. Rescanning does not trigger higher CPU utilization. Windows 10 is updated, so is Mylio. I restarted Mylio, restarted computers. No improvement.
As for “existing face tags that permanently disappear” the explanation is as follows. “Rescan faces” rescans all faces, tagged and untagged, so first removes existing tags, so the photo remains tag-less until rescanning is done, which for me is a long, long time.
Why rescanning a single photo takes that long? It makes updating photos extremely cumbersome.
Second question. What happens, when the same photo has faces tagged on one computer, untagged on another. How will this be synchronized? Will the latest edit prevail?
Thanks for your attention.

I think it sounds like something is amiss, I would recommend to contact the support, even though they do hang around here they seems to have missed this thread – possibly because it is in #tips-tricks instead of #help .

For your second question my guess would be the tagged face with prevail.

I would hazard a guess it is the GPU rather than the CPU that does the face identification and if you have one of those cheap computers were they have cut corners on the GPU to make a profit it might not be up for the task. I would have had left the computer on over night and let it work it out, in case there is a lot of background processing that is needed. Then I would have rescanned one photo and timed the process. If it is more than 3-5 minutes something is amiss, but not necessarily with Mylio (I mean, it works for the rest of us).