Rethink Calendar View, Return Events Section

Calendar View

I rarely use the calendar view and there are two reasons why. First, I don’t often “browse” my timeline, and if I do want to explore a particular calendar period, my folder structure allows for a faster and more focused trip down memory lane. Second, I find the calendar view extremely hard to read:

  • The white text is hard to read on all levels.
  • In the day view, it is hard to clearly distinguish one month from the next.
  • Event display is not very practical, especially with so few being visible in the calendar itself, so they really just become visual noise.
  • Scrolling with the date “grabber” on the right side of the screen is challenging because it’s not very accurate. For example, if there is a sliver of images from April 2018 at the top of my window, the grabber will report April 2018 even though I am actually looking at May’s images.

My first thought is to use the same design language as the other sections, and function similarly to the how folders work with a slight adjustment for timeline purposes. Years would be displayed in boxes. Opening a year would display the months for that year with separators for years. Opening a month would reveal the calendar-like display, with separators for months. (If I recall, it used to work somewhat like that in older versions of Mylio.) Event counts could be shown in the upper left like file/folder totals, and a tap on that count reveal an event list.

I’ve included a rough mock up of what this might look like, and added a slight gradient at the bottom of each square to make the white text more readable.


I really liked events until they were rolled into the Calendar view. When they had their own section, they could be located via a search from anywhere, and it was easy to quickly peruse them. Now…not so much, especially on the mobile side of things. I’ve reverted to using Albums in their place, but the nice things about Events was that they would auto update to include new images added during a particular time span. If some kind of smart album function is coming, then the need for an Events section would be minimal. Otherwise, I’d like to see a return to the old way of handling events.

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I find the Calendar view one of the most useful things about Mylio. It’s my primary way to go back & look at older family photos. Wish more apps (looking at YOU, Lightrooom!) had as fast & simple way as Mylio to browse your photo timeline.

Unlike you, I don’t rely on folder structure for browsing. For me, a primary reason to use database-based catalogs (Mylio & LR) is freedom from the tyranny of physical folder locations :slight_smile:

Having said this, I DO agree with your comments about Calendar layout & readability. It’s quite hard in Day view to know which month you’re in, and where one month starts/ends. The white date text is very difficult to discern sometimes, needs much greater contrast & visibility. I think both of these could be improved with some limited design & typography tweaks.

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I only use the calendar view as a way to access events, and its UI is not the best for this - I wish there was a better way to browse events.
I use event filters to make ‘fake smart albums’ and I tag images with ‘fake people’ as well as keywords since event filters search people but not keywords. This way, images I add as time goes by get added automatically to the relevant ‘fake smart folder’, which can overlap in time. When a particular event is no longer in progress (holiday is over, new year etc), I add all the images automatically collected by it to a proper album as well, for ease of browsing.
Bottom line: I’d like to see easier access to events, probably through an easier-to-navigate calendar UI, and I’d like to see proper smart folders that can include keywords in their criteria. Please, Mylio!

I’m the same way - I want to use it, want to like it and it just… I think the biggest thing for me is when you actually get to the photos, you get to a dead end. I’d like to be able to go in and view it, but with a large boundary you can scroll past to get to the next day/month/year. I like it separated but not so… isolated. If the “all photos” view would show a division between day/month/year, that would be cool too.

I have done a lot of job lately to create a good folder structure and created events from folders. I REALLY hope for a more visual appealing event view in Mylio!! I don`t want the calender view removed but I think a new way to view events would be very very good!

A dream for me would be if you give us support to move panels around and use a secondary screen. My idea is to have a grid view of events for a year or month on one screen. Each event could be visualized with a photo, textbox/description and category. On the secondary display all photos of an event you clicked on could be shown. If Mylio could give us the possiblity to adjust the workspace more, you could make it possible to move map panel to the secondary display as well and adjust the size of each panel.

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