Samsung install problem

Hi All,
I have installed Mylio on a Samsung S10 and it seemed to go fine. Gave permission for folder access etc. Unfortunately it is not registering any pictures in the DCIM\Camera folder, no pdfs in the Documents folder etc. Have installed on my PC and can see the S10 and photos from the PC has synced to the phone but the phone is not picking up the photos that are on it.
I have previously install Mylio on a 1+ 5T and this was effortless, worked perfectly!
I’m not sure where I have gone wrong. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks in advance.

Hi, @Kevin_Plumpton. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble getting photos imported on your new S10. I suggest trying the following:

First, open the View Menu (the three vertical dots in the top-right) and go to Settings > Import > Add Media Library. If you get a message that your media library has already been added to Mylio, go back to the Import settings and select “Manage Media Library”. Try toggling “Enable importing of media from directories” off and then back on. Lastly, double-check Mylio’s permissions on your device. This will depend on your OS, but should be something similar to Settings > Apps > Mylio > Permissions.

If you’re still having trouble, please submit a support ticket from within the Mylio app on the S10. You can do this by opening the View Menu (the three vertical dots in the top-right) and selecting Help → Contact Mylio Support. Type in a subject and click “Upload”.

Thank you Michael,
I have submitted a support ticket from the phone - it is my wife’s phone with the account of
My wife is the one that takes lots and lots of photos, I’m the technical support to make sure that they don’t get lost. I will look out for replies in both of our inboxes.
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards,