Saving to external drive and deleting from computer

I am new to Mylio and am struggling with a very basic issue which surely must be a common problem. I am importing photos to Mylio on my laptop. I then save them to an external hard drive as a vault and I end up with a copy on my external drive and a copy on my laptop. However, for obvious reasons of space I do not want to keep all originals on my laptop or other devices. I simply want to download from my external drive as and when I want. How do I do this please so that I do not rapidly run out of storage space on my devices?


your laptop is probably configured as a vault.
If you only want to have previews and thumbnails there, you have to set it to auto-optimized.
This way Mylio will delete originals on you laptop after they are synced to your external drive.

You can do it in the Dashboard, on the Device, in the Device settings, in the Device Sync Policies.

Device settings help page

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Many thanks. I think that should sort it.