Seagate Drive is Lost from Mylio

My Seagate drive shows up in Finder, but no longer shows up in Mylio as a Vault. When I try to add it, it does not show up in the list window, either, as available to add. Any tricks or tips to get it back? It was working but I have had a lot of trouble with iOS, Finder, and backups, but other than dumping Google Drive as a Vault to maybe correct some of the iOS Backup issues (too much Other Data category on iPhone 11) as suggested by an Apple Support Rep. I have no idea where the Seagate drive has gone that Mylio can’t find it, especially since it shows up fine in Finder.

I figured out half of a problem; the Seagate drive was also being used by Time Machine and that was not OK with Mylio, i.e. it would not add it back as a Vault. So I repartitioned the Seagate, half for Mylio and half for Time Machine, and then I was able to set up and add Mylio as a Vault. In Finder I can see the Mylio Folder, so I do know it was set up. BUT…Mylio does not recognize either that Seagate Vault, nor a little Vault I set up with a USB Thumb Drive. So, I am not any better off, since Mylio is not using my Vaults to sync my photos from my MacBook Pro, as of now. As before, any ideas?

Check to make sure ownership is turned off on the vaults. Time Machine requires ownership be on.

How to make sure ownership is off? Use disk utility app? Finder?

Thanks for reply; this is frustrating.


Use the finder to Get Info on the volume, look at the bottom line. If you need to change it you’ll have to unlock using the administrative credentials.

If ownership is off, and still don’t see it in Mylio, then what next?


Mylio volume, which is one partition now on the Seagate Drive, says: “Ignore Ownership on this Volume,” and indeed, the partition now dedicated to Time Machine says, Custom Ownership, so they seem to be set up correctly from this point of view. But the Mylio Vault, which does have its folder inside that volume, does not show up on the dashboard of Mylio. Any ideas on next steps?


fyi all. I ended up re-setting the Mylio account to factory settings, which got it all working again. Fortunately I had a prior vault folder and re-imported everything.