Search/filter for *exact* camera model?

Not sure if this is a new issue introduced with the new 3.14 search parser, whether it’s always been there, or whether I’m doing something wrong.

Search query: model:"Canon EOS 7D"
Returns: all photos taken with BOTH “Canon EOS 7D” and “Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Expect: only show photos taken with “Canon EOS 7D

Same results whether entering search term manually, or clicking on "Canon EOS 7D" from LIbrary Stats -> Cameras

Likewise with Filtering. Under Cameras, if I click on “Canon EOS 7D” it shows me photos taken with either the 7D or the 7D Mark II.

Sometimes it’s useful to return all results containing the the search string - but in this case it should definitely return ONLY EXACT MATCHES for that string. These are different cameras, and I’d like to see their photos separately.

Have I missed some way to specify an EXACT-ONLY search match?

Thank you, @jimre. I’ve filed a ticket on this behavior to address the bug in Dashboard and Filter bar.

You can perform exact matches (case sensitive) using := (colon equals)


model:=“Canon EOS 7D”

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Awesome, thanks @Mylio_Tim !

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