Search for images or videos with a specific resolution

I’m trying to find some duplicates inside my Mylio library, and some of them are images sent by WhatsApp, transferred from my phone using an automatic file transfer system.
Many duplicate detectors have trouble spotting these duplicates, but there is one way: all images have a resolution of 1600x1200 or 1200x1600.
Is there a way to find images with a specific resolution in Mylio?

You cannot search by resolution in Mylio, but you could do something similar in the file system. In a File Explorer or Finder window, perform the following search in the folder where your photos are stored:

width:1600 height:1200

This should work on both macOS and Windows. You will want to turn off Safe Delete (Understanding Safe Delete on Vaults - Mylio Support) if you are removing photos from the file system.

Thanks Michael. I’ll work with that for now!

A useful workaround: