Search options for WhatsApp media

I have several WhatsApp media (different file names, size < 1MB, resolution 1200x1600 (or vice versa)) in my catalogue.
From my perspective, I would guess that the best search option was to search for the file or for the resolution.
Is there any way to achieve this in Mylio?
Or any other idea to get my hands around it?

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Hi, I often have the same issue. So I have asked and unfortunately you can only search by resolution in the file explorer, not in Mylio. Same with file size as far as I’ve seen. I’m hoping the future deup tool will help!

My workaround is to search for filenames starting with “IMG_” and for unknown camera models, it’s not super precise, but it works. I use the advanced search:

So my search string is
file:"IMG_*" AND model:<null>

It’s unsupported and not guaranteed to work in the next version of Mylio, but this seems to work for me as either a search or a filter - that is, it finds images that have 1600 pixels one way or the other:

media:"mediaField(files, 2, 'height') = 1600" OR media:"mediaField(files, 2, 'width') = 1600"

The ‘2’ here indicates you want to search JPEGs - it would be ‘1’ for raws, but WhatsApp images are JPEGs. You could make the query more specific if too many non-WhatsApp images are included.

Here’s a strict version:
(media:"mediaField(files, 2, 'height') = 1200" AND media:"mediaField(files, 2, 'width') = 1600") OR (media:"mediaField(files, 2, 'height') = 1600" AND media:"mediaField(files, 2, 'width') = 1200")

This is gleaned from past threads on this forum from @Mylio_Deon and others. It isn’t supported or documented because we are making use of internal features of the app - and I see Mylio’s openness to this kind of thing as a major reason to use Mylio, in contrast with the closed-ness of other apps where you would never expect to get a developer response to such questions in the first place.

[Edit: just noting that the quote marks here are important - they should be ‘straight’ and not ‘smart’ -the quote marks in this sentence will be ‘smart’, but the highlighted text above should have 'straight' quotes.]


Great - thank you so much for sharing this - it helps.
And once again, glad to have given Mylio a try - you are right that the very closed systems most certainly wouldn’t have allowed this.

Thank you!