Search photos containing several people

Hello, I am posting this in “feature requests” as I haven’t found how to do it yet: I would like to easily search photos containing several people together. A typical use case is finding the photos of my partner, my kids and me together! At the moment:

  • If I “search” and select two people or more, Mylio shows me all photos containing at least one of these people: it performs an “OR” search but I’d like to an “AND” search
  • If I go to one person’s album, I can add a filter to show photos containing one other person. Two issues here: the interface to filter another person is clunky (a single line so that’s a long scroll with many people), and I can only select one other person, apparently.


It’s definitely awkward at present - see How to filter for pictures where two people are present

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Thanks, and sorry I hadn’t spotted that topic. This very awkward indeed!!

Actually, I cheat on this now. I have selected all images with a given person in them, and added a keyword for that person; and then gone on to do the same for each other person I am interested in. Then I can do a search like this:


And it works, because the keyword list is ANDed!

I update my keywords every so often.

I agree that People should also be Keywords, not sure why Mylio chose not to do this by default. I still do most of my tagging in Lightroom, and this is how they do it. When a Face is ID’d in LR, it also gets saved as a keyword by default.

As your search example points out - using keywords makes for a much simpler query than with Mylio’s “People” object. That requires a complex, many-to-many relational join with unique hash blobs - which can’t be expressed in a simple query parser.

See also Feature Request: Improved Search Functionality

Improved search is the #1 thing on my priority list for Mylio to work on.

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It’s easy now. If you want to search to photo with Tom and Anne in it you can just type
Tom and Anne
into the search bar :slight_smile:

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