Search results in Mylio

It is very important for me to have good tools to easily find photos later. In Lightroom and Imatch I think it is easier to build complex searches. Correct me if I am wrong, and maybe I just need to work more with searching in Mylio;)

The thing is that I want to narrow down a search. One good start is to filter by categories.

But what if I want to build these searches:

  1. Show me all photos with category “family” taken in july 2020 in Oslo where Brian and Jane is present
  2. The same search as number one, but with date range 01.02.2020 to 31.08.2020
  3. Show me all folders or events with the text “family” and “Oslo”
  4. Show me all photos with state/region “Agder” and city “Risør” with Brian, taken in 2020 and 2021

These are perhaps the most common searches I want to do. I also wish it could be possible to edit and organize the list of places, in different levels: Country-state-city-location-sublocation. Maybe easier then to search for a specific part of a country? It seems to me that the places in Mylio is a long list of the closest place Mylio could find? Some of these are wrong and I wish I could edit/correct places.

Are these four searches possible in Mylio?

I have turned a lot of folders into events. When searching in calendar view, the search results show up in the calender and under the info tab. But the results under the info tab is not chronological; for example a search can give results from 2009 on top, then 2011 and then 2009 and so on.

When searching for events, I get a list of events, but it would be very very nice if Mylio could show them chronological and implement some kind of solution to show events with subevents. Event view? I know that Mylio show the events in the calendar, but not so easy to read/see an event with subevents? What do you think?

I’ll give it a try:

category:family AND date:2020/07 AND place:Oslo AND person:Brian AND person:Jane

category:family AND date:[2020/02/01 TO 2020/08/31] AND place:Oslo AND person:Brian AND person:Jane

Not sure about #3. I’ve never done much searching for folders or events.

For #4 since there are not explicit metadata fields for “State/Region” or “City” you would either have to hope the geo-tagged Place matches what you expect - or else add these as keywords yourself. I do the latter - adding “Seattle” and “Washington” as keywords, for example.

It’s important to remember that although the possible search queries have been expanded dramatically since ver 3.14 - the user interface remains the same very simple query picker as before. The only notable UI improvement I think is the addition of “Custom” to the Filter criteria.

Thank you! I guess Mylio will work with the search queries to make it even simpler to search. I hope. But as I said, I miss ability to edit places names. And I hope to see search results in a chronological order.