Search within folder for a word and specific category


I am trying to search photos from certain folder tagging specific category, for example “Other” AND text. I tried going into the folder tagging a category and it works. Then I added text in search bar and nothing happens, it doesn’t filter the photos further.

Is there any solution to this?


I don’t think Mylio supports doing both Search and Filtering at the same time. Whenever I type something into the Search box, it seems to clear the Filter.

Instead, the current version of Mylio supports “Custom” filter criteria (eg, search text). So when you set the Filter, you can 1) click Category and then choose your desired category. Then 2) click Custom, and enter the search text you want. The results should now be Filtered using both criteria.

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Exactly. Search and filter are two related but separate things. You can enter complex search criteria that include category and text; you can even restrict the search to a specific folder. Or you can do it in filter as described above. Looking in a folder is more naturally done with filter; looking across your entire library with search.