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I am having a problem trying to find all pictures taken within a single country. When I use the search bar for all photos and key “in Norway” I get 112 photos returned. When I use library stats/places I see 131. When I look at the map I see two regions, one with 147 and one with 5 regions for a total of 152. With both library stats/places and the map I don’t know how to view all the photos that it finds at once. The map doesn’t go down to one icon for the country and in the stats, when you click on a country it opens the regions below it.

To summarize:

  • All photos search “in Norway” counts 112 photos
    I can see all 112 photos at once
  • Map of Norway regions: count 152 photos
    I see photos from various regions, but I can’t see all of them at once
  • Library stats/places count 131 photos
    I can not see all 131 photos at once, I end up diving down into regions

Main question - how do I see all the photos that I took in a single country. New extra question - Why are the counts different in the three techniques that I tried to use to find all the photos from one country.


Norway 131
Norway 152

Hi Jackie,

Try using the explicit ‘term’ in your search: Place: Norway
That should return all 131 photos taken in that country in a search results window.

I can see how what you’re seeing is confusing, so I’ll escalate it and have the engineers take a closer look.

Hi JC. Thanks, the explicit term does return 131 pictures. At the furthest zoom in, my map had 2 icons in Norway totaling 152. It turns out that if you zoom way out and add up everything in Norway it comes to 131. The extra pictures were from western Swedish towns. I understand it but I don’t think that it is great. I would have thought that I should have been able to look at all my Norway pictures at once from the map. I couldn’t even look at all 152 at once. I had to drill down into each icon separately even at full zoom.

The one that I really don’t understand is when I ask to search all photos for either Norway or in Norway and I get 112 pictures not 131. I could understand getting more than 131 in case Norway was in a comment or OCR somewhere. I thought that your documentation said that the general search included places and obviously it is missing many pictures taken in Norway.

Thanks for your help so far. I am hoping that your webinar later this month goes into some depth about how to do detailed searches, specifically covering Places and the maps…Jackie

I just figured out that if I also explicitly say Place: Norway on the map it just shows me the correct 131 photos. Now we just need to figure out why I have to be explicit with a place and what your general search criteria is really doing…Jackie

Yeah, engineering is looking into the search results. Might be part of a known bug with the new Lucene search implementation. I’ll let you know when I hear more :slight_smile:

I’m on Mylio’s test team. Thanks for reporting this.

  1. The two regions you’re seeing on the map are not “regions” so much as they are “proximity circles”.


    We group the map pins by how close they are to other map pins. So if you stand on the border of Sweden, take 5 pictures, then step into Norway and take 1 picture, you’ll see a group of photos right on the border, just ever so slightly in Sweden.

  2. The Search results are because “Norway” is a word, as well as a place. If you have a document like a plane ticket or book cover with the word “Norway” in it, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will pick that up and return it in your search results. The image metadata may also contain the word “Norway”, which will also be returned (E.g. “Meeting Dr. Larsen from Norway for the first time!” in the image description or title). Further, if you took a picture in the town of “Norway, Texas”, that will also be returned by the search results, even if you use the search keyword “Place”.

It’s pretty easy to verify why images are being returned in the search results for this kind of search. Just look at the photos which were not taken in Norway, open the Info Tab, and look through the fields. It’s usually pretty evident. If you can’t see why a particular image was returned in a search, we can look at it more deeply and see if it’s a bug or if it’s some hidden metadata.

I hope that helps!

Tim, Your answer is what I expected to happen but that doesn’t explain why, when I just entered Norway in the search bar I got FEWER photos than were actually taken in Norway.
search Norway - 112 photos
search Places: Norway - 131 photos

Does this make sense to you? …Jackie

Yes, freeform search doesn’t search for place name except in a specific case. And that is if you run a query like this:

Jesper AND Sidorova IN Norway

Place names are very polluting on search results and more often than not it confuses rather than help the result. So if you search for your friend Martin, you’d get every picture taken in a Martin Luther King Blvd. We had it in for a while and took it out because of this effect.

So if you want to search for a place name just use place:Norway. (You should also be able to do just IN Norway, but currently you can’t use IN as the first word in search (This one will be fixed though - it’s just a bug)).

Thanks a lot for the response. I did try in Norway and it didn’t work. My confusion was because I read in your support articles that search did include places. I guess that was in the past. That is fine with me, it just caused some confusion. Thanks for the clarification…Jackie

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