Select specific photos for import

I would like to be able to select specific photos from import from an SD card, for example. I think we are presently constrained to import everything from a card or folder, and apply the same file naming protocol to all the images within that card. If there are several, different, shooting sessions on that card, this makes extra work to go in and alter the filennames and locations. Also, when renaming, some information is lost, like camera filename.

I am thiinking of the functionality in Aperture.


Another vote for selecting specific images, rather than the whole folder, at import time.
However, I believe you can retain the camera filename in renaming at import time by using a custom string that includes {o}.

I tried {o}, and it does not retain the filename.

Ted Iskenderian

“I have news for you…. It’s all metadata”

{o} woudl be the original filename without extension
{i} or {I} woudl be respectively the short or long camera name.

Click on the file name in advanced options when importing so define your own naming format for your file.

Btw, would a date and time in the filename when renaming not help to identify your shooting session?

{o} does not give me the original file name.

Ted Iskenderian

That’s odd - I just imported an image named IMG_4313.jpg using the custom rename string “{Y}{m}{D}{H}{M}{S}{n3}M0{o}”, and it gives me an image in Mylio named 2020_0211_1054_29001M0_IMG_4313 - with the camera-assigned filename at the end, which is what I understand you to be wanting. I don’t think {o} would work apart from at import time.

(The italics showing up in the custom string here are unintentional)

Yes, it works when importing. Not when renaming

Ted Iskenderian

@MrPeabody maybe would suggest to raise it as a bug instead of a feature request then. I did not try it to test the rename.

Just started using Mylio, slightly sad to see this was requested 10 months ago. Hopefully this feature can be added soon to allow me to move fully into Mylio and start paying!

You can use {o} when renaming images already imported to Mylio - but it then refers to the file name as it is presently known, which may or may not be the original out-of-camera name depending on whether it has already been renamed.

Update: I just read the beginning of this thread - and I guess you are referring to the import selection, not the renaming issue, in which case, please ignore my reply! Oops. :pleading_face:

By the way, the easy workaround for the lack of image selection at import on Windows and Mac is to use the file manager to select the images wherever they are, and copy/paste them to Mylio’s Inbox folder. Mylio will automatically find them there. You can get the same effect on an iPad using Files to share particular images with Mylio.