Seminar thoughts

Another great seminar. Thank you J.C. and the rest of the team

Someone asked how to keep the questions. I fortunately thought just before the end to copy all the comments and am going through them now. But it’s hard with Zoom to remember to do that. I have the same problem on other Zoom sessions. Maybe there is a way to autosave.

Matthew: I found the “Zoom to Face.” I was trying to do it at the see everyone level. Request: Nice if there was a button to toggle that setting. Because if I’m tagging people, I just want the face and if I am not sure I double click. But then there are times when I want to select a photo with a person in it, so want to see the whole photo in gallery view. I presume I can do this with Filters, but an easy toggle would help.

Expanded search and the new Dashboard are great improvements.

Id like to add my two cents into some constructive feedback. I love these webinars and have watched the current 5 several times for new nuggets. The format of an hour is about right and although last weeks went a little long (no problem for me) since J.C. let us see a bit of the new search. Very valuable. Where I do feel some improvement could be made to keep these to the hour is to eliminate the “quick tour” and just be upfront and tell attendees to watch one of the other intro webinars if they are brand new to Mylio. I was very eager to understand more about categories and keywords in last weeks seminar ( they were at the top of the list in the description) but by the time J.C. got to those he was out of time and rushed through those functions. And this seems to happen on each webinar. A little frustrating. I know these webinars are new and I think the team is doing a great job of them, I think a little tightening of the flow would help and not try to get too much into each webinar. Attendees have asked for a webinar on Editing, which I’d like to see as well and I’m sure users would love to see a webinar just on the new search. So, I’d suggest to keep the webinars to only those functions. Perhaps they would be shorter than an hour. Thats OK. Again, just my two cents. Looking forward to the next webinar.

Agreed, but I see how it’s difficult for Mylio to take that approach. Maybe they just need to make more specific videos or on-line viewing without the webinar approach. I’ve never used breakout rooms, but maybe they could split into more advanced and more basic in the Zoom webinars. An age old problem when trying to be inclusive.

Hi there, and thank you so much for your feedback. We’re aware that people are eager for Mylio explainer content, and we’re working on a way to get it to you as effectively as possible. I would be interested to hear, what are the things you want to learn about the most? And what format (video, text, webinar, other…) would be most helpful?

Hello, I like your term “explainer content”. That is indeed what I am looking for. Video for me would work well. Perhaps shorter videos that explain particular functions at a time. Mylio is very feature rich, more so than I thought it would be at first, but it’s sometimes difficult to understand the nuances from just the on-line help. I dont really need to be live with a webinar ( maybe those are best for new comers who need an overview to make a decision or. to drill down more later) and as I explained earlier, I am watching and re-watching the current set of recorded webinars. I find the content very good overall. Just wished they were not rushed at the end. The current on-line text has a lot of good information but I find it’s a bit difficult to bounce into and out of. If you could make it into one downloadable pdf that might make it easier to follow. I have also spent a lot of time parsing through the community forum with limited success on finding answers. Perhaps its because it too is new, only a year old, but a search result takes me down at lot of paths and a lot of reading to glean a nugget or two.

I agree to this (hard not to do), I particular like the little harder approach; if you barely have opened the application, then this webinar is not for you (yet). Since they are recorded nobody looses anything by watching it later when they are ready.
I also think that the poll in the beginning should have an Other category for e.g. what I find the most difficult, this time I just selected a random item on the last question because neither was difficult to me.
If I remember correctly the previous seminar also ran out of time and I think there are two solutions to that problem: do not add ad hoc content like introduction for new users and cut the scope, maybe aim for 45 minutes (but book 1 hour, 45 minutes will become one hour very quickly and it will give you more time to answer questions).

To make movies of 5-10 minutes of very narrow topics sounds like a good idea, maybe not things that are covered by the (very good!) documentation but maybe where really complex operations or workflows are be showcased.

My main problem with the seminars is that I get so inspired so I start Mylio and start to organise my photos, using some feature they just mentioned, and then I zoon out of the webinar…:laughing:

Hi everyone - J.C. here (you know that guy that just keep talking and talking during webinars). I just want to thank everyone for the great feedback - Thank you! We are taking it all into consideration as we continue to evolve these series.

Few questions I’d like to get your opinions on:

• Regarding Explainer videos - Do you feel that a webinar-like format, where someone like me is just talking users through a feature in real time, is sufficient? Or would prefer a more produced and scripted video with higher production values?
• What is - in your opinion - the ideal length for an explainer video. In other words, what would you consider a bite size chunk? :slight_smile:

• Editing and Search are both hot topics, and I do intend to offer webinars for each subject. These are both extensive areas in Mylio and I can certainly see enough content to cover multiple sessions of each. If you had to learn just one thing about each (editing and search) what would you choose?

• One of the key aspects of webinars is the interactivity - the fact that we can take questions and answer them live. Would you prefer to see shorter, more focused sessions that have a longer opportunity for Q&A?

Again thanks everyone for the feedback. If you have other feedback that you rather send me directly, feel free to PM me.


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  • Regarding Explainer videos - Do you feel that a webinar-like format, where someone like me is just talking users through a feature in real time, is sufficient? Or would prefer a more produced and scripted video with higher production values?
  • What is - in your opinion - the ideal length for an explainer video. In other words, what would you consider a bite size chunk?

I think, that a webinar is good, as long as you have enought time to watch the full. You are right, that interactivity is a plus there.
But some shorter explanatory videos might also be very helpful, especially to new user (and the number of new user is growing as far we can tell from the question in this forum).

The benchmark for explanatory videos for me is the Affinity Photo video tutorial series:

These focus on a single feature or some few similar features, are 3-10 minutes long, excellently produced with closed captions in multiple languages. Regularly updated at new releases.

Other good examples for software more like Mylio (DAM applications) are on the “” and “IDImagerTV” Youtube channels. These are not that extensive as from Affinity Photo, but they describe a feature or a smaller part of a process.

Take a look at the most frequent support requests and forum questions that get asked weekly and try to produce a video for some of those.

Your support pages are good. Maybe explaining a topic as displayed there might also be a good idea, especially where clicking in special places is of big importance.


Here are my 2 cents worth. I am new to Mylio and find the webinars overwhelming. I would like you to have a beginner webinar where you have a very small sample library with a variety of photos that would meet different criteria. Perhaps a few scanned photos that need dates changed and GPS added, a few photos taken with a camera, a few taken with a mobile phone. Show how to move to albums, folders, export, add keywords, facial recognition, etc. Very basic information for those of us who are just getting started. Thank you.


Helo J.C. nice to see you ring in on this topic. In answer to your request for comments, here’s my take. As an overview I really like the 5 or so webinars that have been done. And i’m thankful they can be watched again as I certainly have and I glean a few new tips each time I watch them. I do think some more focused “explainer” videos would be great. Focusing on a function or small group of functions. Each 5-15 minutes or so in length. Bekesizl has given you some examples of other vendors videos. I use ON1 Photoraw and plan to integrate it into my workflow. And they have hundreds of terrific videos going back to their earlier releases. Many are quite in-depth and they have an ON1PLUS membership for those, but heres a link to one that is free for all users. It will give you another view of excellent production.

I do like the Q&A aspects of the webinars, just that the last two webinars have been short on time to cover the topics let alone Q&A. I try to follow along with the Q&A in the sidebar but then lose the value of watching you live. So I suggest perhaps an hour webinar with content planned of 30 minutes which will expand to 40 (it just does) and plenty of time for Q&A.

As to a search webinar, one that focus’ on the boolean strings advanced capabilities would be nice. Regarding Edit, I havent done much with that as of yet, but certainly will. Although I plan to use an external editor for some work, the appeal to me of Mylio for my historical family photos is where I will use the Mylio editor to quickly tweak these old “snaps”. Having the editor native is of great value and I look forward to learning more about it.

Thanks for listening

Thanks for all the feedback. Much appreciated. :pray: