Separate photo collection to subcollections, not all subcollection visible by default

This feature request is not easy to formulate, but I’ll try my best in English.

I would like to have the ability to separate my photo collection into subcollections.
Some of these subcollections should not always be visible in Calendar view, Map view and possibly also not visible in All Photos.
But I should have the ability to control the Calendar view to see only the photos of one subcollection (not visible by default) and go through those photos.

There is a switch for “Don’t show in Calendar” in the Folder view which is good, but can only be set there.
The new Categories feature can be a step in this way, but here everything is visible by default and I can only filter, if I want to see a subset of the categories.

My use case for this feature is, because my collection is made of different photo sets:

  • Photos since I met my wife
  • Photos before I met my wife (my lonesome travels)
  • My archive family photos
  • Construction documentation of a flat and a house
  • Various HDR, panorama and other stacks and various test photographs

For the stacks, the “Don’t show in Calendar” option is useful and enough.
For the other ones, a separation would do good.

For example I don’t want to have the over 6000 photos documenting different construction phases all over my Calendar view, but on occasion I would like to see them (and then probably only them) in the Calendar. They are organized in a folder structure where one can find them easily, but some phases were running parallel and there a timeline view would help.

The photos of my lonesome travels are not secret, but as only I was there, they are not necessarily interesting for my wife or my son.

As one possible solution I would propose a special view of the Categories where I can check them for visibility in the Calendar view, maybe with the ability to save configurations and have some default settings for the visibility.

This is actually exactly what categories were created for.

We used to have just Private vs. Non-Private folders, which then got extended into Categories, for the purpose of being able to classify large sections of the library like:

  • “Work” vs. “Personal”
  • “Documents” vs. “Images”
  • “Before event” vs. “After”
  • “Private vs. Public”

So you should definitely use categories for the above, but maybe you just need some tweaks in how we currently set up filters?

That is what I thought when I first heard of this feature.

What I am missing is being able to set some Categories as “not visible in Calendar” by default, but being able to set them as visible, if needed.

I guess this setting in the help available at release time is something like what I would like to have.

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+1 to this feature request.

As categories are advised, I fail to see the privacy feature with those. The user may filter away one or more categories in the “All Photos” view, but nothing else seems much affected.

How about you add a “Private Folders” preference, where the user can set a list of folders, and if enabled, all files from the private folders in that list disappear everywhere - events, albums, people, places, and all photos view. People disappear who are only in the private folders. Albums disappear which contain only private content. Place markers are not displayed on the map if the file is in a private folder.

Then the user can enable/disable it in preferences as desired, and on top you can add maybe a PIN code request to lock the choice. Bam, privacy!

I agree with the original poster - we need a simpler, more direct way of utilizing Categories to control what’s visible by default in Calendar, Maps, etc. It’s a pain to have to constantly enable a filter to stop showing irrelevant photos.

Instead of burying Categories deep inside the filter criteria picker - let’s make it a top-level UI preference that always “remembers” the last-used Categories you want to display!

However, I strongly disagree with trying to make this into some kind of privacy or security feature. That’s a huge rat’s nest. In particular, I’d strongly advise against PIN codes or other types of lightweight “security theater”.

This isn’t about privacy - it’s about making it easier to browse/search just the relevant photos that you care about.

Filters should remain active if you switch views. Is the issue here that they’re not remembered when you restart Mylio?

That’s “sort of” the issue - there’s no easy way to set the “default subset” of the Library that the user is always shown. Categories are a good tool for this job - but 1) the Filter settings are not persistent, and 2) the Filter UI is still pretty techy & non-obvious for average humans.

I’d like to set up Mylio on my wife’s computer to ALWAYS show just the pictures in the “Family” category. And I’m thinking that should be a lot simpler than the general-purpose Filter UI. More like a specialized SETTING that lets you select which catgories to include/exclude by default in ALL views.

Also note there’s a couple distinct feature requests being discussed in this thread. Some people really want “privacy”. Again, I’d urge you not to call this kind of stuff “privacy” - unless you’re willing to go all the way with encrypted vault storage, etc. This is really just a simple way to exclude stuff you don’t want to see in your default views. Those who want superficial privacy can just create their own category named “Private” and then choose to exclude those from the default view.

Ok yeah that’s what I figured.

The “private folders” I agree is a bad name. We don’t intend to take that concept any further. Categories can do everything that “private folders” can do if we just improve the user interface for it a bit.

This topic is about something I’d like to see improved.

We have 3 computers and 4 Source Folders A, B, C, D. All of those are relevant to me on my machine. On another machine let’s say A and C are relevant, and then another group on the 3rd machine.
However right now every photo event shows up on the Calendar, All Photos, and so on. It would be useful to have each machine hold a ‘preference’ for what is shown every time the program starts. Right now the program assumes one user, but within a family there are several.

I also have a raft of construction, and other photos but have to keep them elsewhere… kind of defeats the purpose of one program managing everything. Mylio seems most easily suited to one user or a family with a small subset of photos.

I’d very easily add three times the photos with better/easier segregation controls for different machines.