Set Album content to sync original

Hi, is there a way to set the sync of the pictures in an album to original on an Android device for example?

I don’t believe you can set a custom sync policy on Albums - just Folders or Devices.

But you could open the Album, select all the photos, and down at the bottom choose “Download Originals”. This will cache the originals locally on your device - at least temporarily. They’ll get deleted from the cache eventually if your device needs more space.

You can define a sync policy based on keywords. Of course this would require that you add that keyword to each of the pictures of that or any other folder/album etc. You can also ad the keyword during import eventually.

Eg if you add the Keyword GetOriginal to all the pictures in that album you can define in the Sync settings from you device that the keyword GetOriginal has to always sync the originals. (of course you can define any keyword for that)

Device settings > Device Sync Policy Settings > Show customizations

maybe that coudl help you.

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Thanks in the meantime I did it exactly like that ;-).