Set max size for Device Storage used

In the Device Storage settings for a Device (computer), I’d like to be able to allocate an approximate maximum size for the Mylio storage used on a Device Storage location (internal or external drive), not just set the “Minimum Free Space” on the storage.

I have a 1TB internal drive (reported as 932 GB) that is roughly half full currently. I’d like to dedicate no more than ~10% of that internal drive (~100 GB) for Mylio. If I leave it set for “Auto Manage”, it currently sets the Minimum Free Space for 178 GB, allowing for 290 GB of “Mylio Growth” (from 0 B “Mylio Current” with an empty library)

If I deselect “Auto Manage”, I can initially set “Mylio Growth” to ~100 GB by changing “Minimum Free Space” to 368 GB. However, that doesn’t account for future growth of my other files outside Mylio. If I add 100 GB of other files, I’ll have to manually change “Minimum Free Space” to allow more room for Mylio files.

Even if I clear off, say, 200 GB from that internal drive, I still don’t want Mylio to take up more space than 100 GB, even though there would be plenty of free space available. I might be planning to use that free space for something else.

I expect to have over 4TB of original files on an attached NAS and/or external drive(s) but want all the thumbnails and some higher resolution files of the most important (5 star) files and be able to edit some of the most recent files but would like Mylio to determine which high-res files to delete to maintain ~100 GB usage (or whatever other number I set).

This would be a nice additional option to offer. I understand that the added complexity might be difficult to message to the user though.