Setup on new computer, old computer not available

I have a new computer and my Mylio folder from the old machine and want to just have the new computer pick up the settings from that folder. Is this possible?

I don’t have a recent sync to another machine to simply sync from and thought it would be simple.

I tried by just putting the folder in the location of “Mylio” for the new machine but on setup it renamed that folder and created an empty one.

I tried the trick of shutting down Mylio, removing the newly empty Mylio folder and putting the full archive folder in place as Mylio. On startup it complained that folder is from another device.

Any advice? I really don’t want to lose all my tags and metadata.

You might be able to add the New device and then ‘recover’ the catalog from the old device. Maybe, I’m not sure.

The support team can tell you for sure and guide you through the process if it is possible. I strongly recommend you contact them at

Worse case scenario, however, you can reimport all your images and xmp side car files and the majority of your organization work will be recreated, including any face tagging and edits. A few things only live in the catalog that work will have to be redone.

Are there any other devices in your account, or just the old computer? Vaults? Phones?

Right now, I have an old vault somewhere but I hadn’t synced a bunch of changes.
This is not disaster level but would like to recover some decisions I made on an album.

Thanks, I will email support. They have always been super helpful.