Sharing Photos & Full Access with other Mylio users

Recently I started digitizing family archival photos and I want everyone to have access to it and be able to contribute. The workaround I am using right now is to use a newly created shared Google account with which everyone logs in. Of course the downside is that nobody know who added what and everyone has full access to everything. Any better way to do this?

What I would love are:
(1) Have sharing a full account / albums option.
(2) Choosing who has view only access or edit/contribute access.

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In my experience, Google Photos would be a better choice for your purposes. Unfortunately, Google has recently “divorced” Google Photos from Google Drive. This means Mylio’s backup to Google Drive is unable to take advantage of Google Photo’s built-in multi-user sharing features.

It would be nice to add real “sharing” features to Mylio, and I agree with your feature request. But realistically, this has never been one of Mylio’s design goals. Peer-to-peer sync is not the best approach for family/group photo sharing.

For these reasons, it would be preferable for Mylio to sync with Google Photos, rather than Google Drive. Unfortunately, Google has made no useful API available for Google Photos to allow 3rd-party access.

I export selected images from Mylio to folders in OneDrive that have sharing access for appropriate family members and other people. This allows them to import and use the images in their own preferred photo apps, and to do the same in return with their photos, but not to change what I have put there. It’s automated with scripting at my end.

The awkward bit is that if I make a keyword change and then upload the revised version to OneDrive, OneDrive doesn’t seem to recognise the change, and reverts to the previous version. I have to change the filename slightly to work around this.

Yeah I will end up using Google Photos but initially I need multiple family members to have access to the library so we can pool our knowledge of locations, identifying individuals, and adding descriptions. I believe, changing GPS data on Google Photos is done on a per photo bases, which is too slow. Identified individuals via facial recognition in Google Photos is not shared with others who have access to that album, which generally is good for security reasons but terrible with images dating back to 1925 and most people not know who is who.

I guess my hope was to have Mylio be the all-in-one solution … still ways to go for that :confused:

For now I guess I’ll have to use a shared account and run the risk of losing data and potentially having to revert to a backup.

I have one vault on external USB thats always offline and even out of the house, in case anything happens with the other vaults, accidental delete or house on fire, i can always recover pictures from that vault by using a laptop without starting Mylio, or just resync all changes by attaching the vault.
Every so often I swap the remote vault to bring it in sync and move another vault offline. So there are two vaults I keep swapping about each month. In total I have about 4 vaults around of which always 1 is offline.

I understand the risk you have, we are also sharing the account and work with one Mylio instance, still organizing a library of 250K images dating back just before 1900 till today :). Pressious moment you don’t want to lose.

FYI… independent from Mylio, i have been using the google backup to just upload all pictures to google photo, as a last kind of resort thing, Not all changes are synchronized and I would not have folder structure or events etc there, but at least I cant lose pictures. Its a worst case scenario kind of thing.

:slight_smile: And i know the feeling trying to figure out who those people are on those old pictures :slight_smile: consulting old family members can be fun.

Just a thought, would lit maybe not be an oiption to extend the Guest access in Mylio with maybe a few options to eg allow location changes and name taggings? so it would prevent delete/moves but at least the people could help with tagging and locating images?

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My personal solution (because I’ve also been doing family archival stuff) is creating albums in Mylio to organize all the photos, export them to a folder with the album name in Dropbox (or on my computer, would make no difference for this system). I found a photo uploader called PicBackMan that uploads photos to several different cloud sources, and it uses the folders I save them in to create albums automatically. I do this for SmugMug & Google Photos and it works pretty well. They support Dropbox, OneDrive and I’m not sure what else. When i add a photo to the dropbox folder, it recognizes it hasn’t been uploaded yet and adds it to the album on the next upload. From there, I share the photo albums with family members, since most have a gmail address at this point. We also have a family website, so I share the link to the albums on there as well.


That’s a great tip for sharing ready made albums/folders. What about photos that you need others to help tag people and add locations?

P.S.: I really wish Mylio would back some of these in as features so users don’t have to use so many third-party solutions that are probably less secure than just sticking to one platform.

I don’t do locations but I would do it in Mylio first probably. Honestly, in my situation, I had zoom calls and shared my Mylio screen to get help with identifying people. But as tech savvy as my grandma is for her age, she’s not at Mylio person tagging stage.

Like your tip on the upload tool that keeps folders into albums, thanks for sharing

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Everybody wants sharing. We will have a sharing feature, probably in the first half of next year (yikes, this year is almost over). The other request that I hear is for a “family” or “team” account. What this would do is allow you to set up access rights for various people sharing an account. That is on our list but I have no idea when we might do it.

So, there are two different scenarios, which can be met in two different ways: 1) collaborating on organizing and annotating, and 2) broad based sharing.

The only really general solution we have for collaborating is to have the participants all be on the same account, at least temporarily. There is a slight complicated generalization, but I’ll come that in a moment. Mylio does support 15 or 20 machines pretty easily and we have users who have multiple family or team members all working together in the same library in that way. That means that everybody can help in tagging faces, geotagging, and other organization. There does have to be a level of trust because if a user has access, they have access. I suppose we could extend the guest mode to mediate this a little. That’s the simple collaboration solution.

The more complex variant on the collaboration solution is to work with multiple accounts. Say you set up a folder hierarchy with permission being one of the design considerations. So, for example there could be a top level folder and then a subfolder for one branch of the family and another subfolder for another branch of the family. You could then have one account operating on one subfolder and a different account operating on another one. They would each see different sets of pictures. A third account could then operate on the top level folder and see everything. Probably not that practical, but just saying.

The sharing solution we are building will address the “broad based sharing” need. It will allow you “share albums”. The system will generat link for each shared album that you can send to participants. If you choose the pictures in the shared albums can have face tags and geotags included. Those receiving links will get updates as pictures are added. All you have to do is add pictures to the album or folder . . .


Brilliant! I’m looking forward to the sharing features. Keep us posted :slight_smile: