Show photos imported from Aperture that are not in album

Hi! I’m trying out Mylio before I jump in with two feet with a subscription. I imported a “small” Aperture library (16,000 photos) and, when I go to Library view, I don’t see a lot of photos in their original Aperture albums. How do I fix this?

Also, is there a way to show the photos that are not in albums?

Hi @dborja,
There is not an easy way currently (yet) to view the photos that are not part of an album. That feature request here has been raised by several here on the forum. The Mylio support team provided a workaround Until it would be available. You can read it here:

For teh missing pictures, you mean only missing in albums or in general missing from the import? You see them on the calendar view?

The search is not working. Could it be because the folder name has a single quote in it like “Dale’s Pictures”?

The pictures are missing the albums. I imported from Aperture. The Albums came across but the associated pictures did not. However, I do see them in the Calendar view.

@dborja, although i came from Aperture, I did not import my library that way and am not much using albums (Events on Folders im now using) so not quite sure why the association to the album did not work. Could it have been smart albums in Aperture? Mylio does not have smart albums.

Yes quotes might be challenging, you could try to replace the quote with a double quote.

I have no smart albums in Aperture…

Double quotes are also a no-go.

I’ll play around with it some more


The overly-fancy type font on this forum website destroys quote marks & replaces them with “cool” hipster typographic “smart” quotes. You need to replace each instance of double-quote with a regular (plain) double-quote; same for single quotes.

Note to other posters - I suggest you always use the Preformatted Text formatting option for any text commands (L/R angle-bracket symbol above, useful for code blocks). This allows copy/paste without any quote nonsense.

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