Show wrongly placed - minority tags

Adding by mistake a tag on another person, i am sure is something everyone did and does.
My biggest issue with Mylio is entering tags on everyone, that’s why I even bought Mylio, but wrongly placed tags are making my life a hell.
it’s been a struggle for me trying to clear out and remove all my wrongly placed tags.
i am using the “fr reset selected” command on Console option to reset the wrongly placed tags but this is not enough. I am looking for a needle in a straw. ! One of the people that i wrongly placed some pictures has more than 10.000 tagged faces, and even one wrongly placed tag mess things up, giving me new proposed tags with the wrongly placed person.
if Mylio is a “learning” software and learns through time , it should know that 10 pictures out of 10000 are not the same.
It would be a grate convenience to all the users if there was an option to see the faces into categories, ( by characteristics, age, or a way that Mylio understands who is who. )
Also the “fr reset selected” command should me something to find and use easily without entering on console. (A CTRL+key should be a good idea to use… (maybe the letter “R” for reset ) using the console, reduces the space of viewing screen

Thank you