Single .myb files?


after having imported my media completely into Mylio, I see some duplocates. While there are some that are explainable, there are others that I can’t get a hand on.
Specifically, I see a lot of .myb files, having a size of 0 kb - these files are even showing up for “usual” files like jpg.
Why are they there and how can I get rid of them - or at least haven them stacked with the “standard” file?

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Hey, Gilhin. I’m sorry for the delayed response. The .myb files you see are “Mylio Bundle” files. These are created when you import photos from an iPhone/iPad that have a live photo or portrait effect. The .myb file contains the MOV file for live photos and other edit information. The original photo exists outside of this bundle. These will automatically be stacked in Mylio. If you select a photo and view the image name/extension in the Details Panel, you will see something like: IMG_1234.(heic, myb)

If you are seeing loose .myb files, particular if they are reporting as 0kb in size, it’s possible these are leftover from images that are no longer in your library. If they are showing up in Mylio, you can simply delete them. If you only see them in your file system, you can turn off Safe Delete ( and then delete them from there.

Dear @Mylio_Michael_D ,

thank you for guiding me here. Since I am currently still getting all media from different sources into Mylio, your longer answer wasn’t any harm.
The path is clear - but how do I identify .myb-files holding 0kb in size in Mylio?
I was confident that I could simply use the search function, but I just became aware that there is neither a possibility to search for explicit extensions nor for files having a certain size.

So - what would you recommend?

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You can search for file extension, for example:

So I would imagine you could search for .myb files also (I don’t have any to test with).

Not sure if there’s a “size” search term, though.

@jimre ,
thank you for pointing this out. However, the “ext”-flag only seems to work for “real” file types - I can search for jpg, heic, mov … files, but not for any xmp or myb file.

Is there any COMPLETE overview of search terms available?

I think using the file system is the easiest solution here. There is not a way to search/sort by file size in Mylio at this time (our Advanced Search Bar article has a list of all available search terms).

Most of the .myb files are probably located in your “Apple Photos” folder. You can right-click on this folder in Mylio and choose “Show in Finder” (Mac) or “Show in Explorer” (Windows) and Mylio will open a file system window showing you where it is located. You can then more easily search by extension and size.