So confused about Import, Copy, Source, Vault?

I have been working with Tech Support, but hoping I can get a clearer understanding of what the Mylio folder is for, vs. a Vault on an external drive.

Windows 10 and Android user. I have images stored all over my Windows hard drive. I’ve worked hard to de-duplicate, and have mostly succeeded, although there’s still quite a mess in my “Pictures” folder. Because my drive is partitioned, I needed to use D: as the place Mylio uses. I imported my Pictures folder into Mylio, and named the Mylio folder “PicturesCopy”. Both are stored on the D: drive. I looked inside the Mylio folder, and it appears to have copied all my files, and I now have 2 sets of the same photos, on my hard drive. What’s the point of that? In Mylio, I see both folders, but I’m terrified to delete one, for fear of losing photos. The two folders have different number of images!

I don’t know why I’m seeing tons of duplicates on Mylio, but suspect that it’s because I’m seeing both my Pictures folder and the Mylio\PicturesCopy folder at the same time?

So, I set up a Vault on my External hard drive, F:. It’s busy copying as I type. I assume I will now have 3 copies of my photos? What happens when I add my Android phone photos, and there are duplicates of files already on my Hard Drive?

I just don’t understand how the Import process is supposed to work, because the result I’m getting doesn’t make sense to me. I need a diagram or chart or easy to follow instructional video or help files. Unfortunately, I don’t find the Tutorials easy to follow, and they don’t cover the very most basic installation process.


At import, you can select if you want to import with copy or leave the files in place (watched folders).

The last one is described in following support article.

Are you sure, that there are a different number of images or is there only a different number of files?
Mylio creates a .xmp file for each photo where the metadata is stored. So if the number of files under the Mylio folder is the double of the files in the original folder, you probably only have the xmp files beside your photos.

If you are technical enough, there is a software called Total Commander for Windows (
There is under the menu Commands - Synchronize directories, where you can compare the content of two folders. If you set it like this, you can make sure, that the files and their content is identical. It will also tell you, which files are different.

Mylio is meant to protect your images and it uses vaults for this purpose.
A vault containts all original files plus the ones Mylio generates for each photo: XMP file (sidecar), thumbnail, preview.

It can also be confusing, that a normal device (your PC now) is set up as an auto-optimized device by default. The moment you add a vault to your device, Mylio will start to move the originals to the vault and free up space on the device.
If it is not your intention, you should set up your PC device as a vault, in the place described in following support article, under “Settings a Device Sync policy” and change to “Vault”

Unfortunately I don’t know about a support article describing this concepts of the Mylio philosophy, but the exisiting support articles are written with easy understandable English, once you mastered the basics.

It’s not clear from your post what this means? Sounds like you manually renamed one of Mylio’s folders?

After a lot of digging around, I ended up removing the “PicturesCopy” folder (backed it up first), and things are starting to come together. I think I’ve got this part squared away.

I have now installed Mylio on my laptop computer, and I will be curious to see if I will find any duplicate files, as I am pretty sure there are copies of photos on both computers. I was surprised that I had to do face recognition on the laptop as I did with the desktop computer.
After this, I’ll add my cellphone…