Source folder accidentally removed from catalog

Hi – I just accidentally removed my source folders from the catalog. (I can explain… It wasn’t as dumb as it sounds… But probably not relevant.)

This is on what I view as my “main” vault. None of the other devices that it syncs with were on at the time, so this only affects the one devise (so far).

Do I just add them back again? How is that going to affect the other devices?

Can I just restore the catalog from my Time Machine backup? If so, where do I find it?

You should be able to go to settings in Mylio > Source Folders and turn it back on (you may have to scroll) or you can at least re-add it there. Assuming that it hasn’t moved, but you can add it from it’s new location too.

I’m wondering what happens to my other vaults and devices. Will everything resync? Any risk to them getting messed up? I’m sure this works for the one computer, but…

HI @bwbecker, do you mean that you removed it as a source folder from Mylio, or did you accidently delete the folder on your drive outside of Mylio?
In case you removed it from Mylio, you should be able to add it back in (enable it again) in the settings from Mylio. Which should rescan/resync the folder.
In case you accidentally deleted the folder from the drive and you restore it, if tis still defined in Mylio and you restore it to the same place, Mylio would I believe resync all the files from it again to the other computers.
As this is as you stated your main computer, I guess (hope) you have a copy that you restore which is correct, so once added it will resync all of those back to the other systems.