Stacking / Grouping photos in all views

I often take panorama photos for stitching 3 - 5 photos together or make HDR- or other bracketing sets of 3-5 photos or just take a sequence of several similar shoots.

In order to declutter the overview-screen from too many ‘same’ photos it would be good to group these photos together.

I try to use Mylio as the one and only database for all my photos and would prefer not having to keep separate catalogs in other software for the source photos of Panaorama- or HDR-edits.

One should be able to choose just one of the images to be put on top of the group that shows up in the ‘All Photos’ or ‘Calendar’ views.

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Dear Mylio team,
I would like to add on the need for stacking/grouping photos.
There are more often than not cases when you do want to preserve similar photos in your library. Just to give couple of use cases:

  1. Taking photos of kids - you obviously make many shots and only take best of them but it would typically be much more than a single shot from the same place
  2. Day of hiking - there are easily sets of similar photos which you do want to preserve - like same mountain ridge in a panorama, in a regular resolution, with you in foreground and without you etc
    and more

After importing photos into Mylio you have those options to view them all:

  1. “All Photos” tab - this shows all the photos, without any information about events those photos belong to. It’s a “too raw” view - when you want to just look through your library this is not the view to work with
  2. “Calendar” tab - you at maximum (in month view) could see one photo per day. And when there are no photos for some day - and most days a year do not have photos - there are black holes in the view. So for this is not the view to choose for just looking through your whole library

What I suggest (as original author suggested as well) is to have following capabilities:

  1. In any view (All photos / Calendar view of specific day / Folder view / Album view) to be able to choose any number of photos (better not mandatory sequential) and make “stack” out of them.
  2. For stacked photos need to be able to choose “Stack Cover”. When not chosen, 1-st photo from stack is considered to be a cover
  3. Visually stack could be open - all photos of it are shown with some visual clue regarding belongness to stack - or closed when stack cover photo is shown along with visual clue representing the fact there is a stack under the photo
  4. Event automatically represents stack unless said otherwise (same as folder has an option to automatically represent an event). When even is created - whether manually or automatically out of the folder - you can choose the cover photo
  5. I would very much like if stacks could be nested. I.e. some event (i.e. "Day of hiking ") is a top-level stack while groups photos which represent individual scenes (“this lake”, “that mountain” etc) make nested stack
  6. Would be nice to have an option to choose whether given stack is by default collapsed or expanded with the default being “collapsed”

That way the “All Photos” view would become much more usable !!!