Storing my Pics on OneDrive

I am confused, I followed all the setup instructions and want to use my One drive as my vault (which it says it is), however when it starts syncing, it starts filling my computer’s Hard drive with files. The point of the Onedrive is to keep my 20000 plus pics from filling the computer. Am I missing something? Searched all the forums.

You likely have OneDrive set to sync with your hard drive. Mylio sends its files up to OneDrive, and OneDrive sends a copy right back down to your hard drive. Always fun when you have 2 programs competing to sync the same files!

You’ll need to change your OneDrive settings: either disable Sync entirely for OneDrive, or selectively disable it just for the /Apps/Mylio folder. If you’re on Windows, the latter can be done via OneDrive settings, Choose Folders to be available on this PC.

I’m sure @jimre is right about this, having encountered the same issue myself. If you’re on a Mac, the ‘Choose Folders’ settings are helpfully hidden under the ‘Account’ tab in Preferences.