Strange things with CR3 files at import

Since one December update Mylio can also group CR3 files with the JPG pair (without the ability to edit them).
It is working alright, if set “Prefer RAW when available” is disabled.

For two months I was using Mylio also to Import the files from my Camera.
It was working alright (a little bit slow) until last Saturday, when it left out some CR3 and JPG files (only on part of a pair, not a complete pair). I was deleting some files during the import from the target folder.
I don’t always delete everything from the memory card, so the photos from last Saturday were still on the card.

When I downloaded the photos from today and this week, it didn’t download some jpgs from the card from today, downloaded some other files from last Saturday, put some files from last Saturday to todays folder: it mixed up a lot of things.

At import, I let Mylio rename the files like “2020/2020_04_04/2020_04_04_IMG_1145.*”.
Might this have to do with the partial support of CR3 files or does this happen also with other formats?

For now, I copied every photo from the card and renamed them outside Mylio with Mylio off.
But this gave me a bad feeling about the import. I will probably leave it until a better support for this format.