Sync (cellular) iPad Pro via USB (without using WiFi) via Mac

If you have a large iPad and want to sync a lot of stuff, you might be able to do this by putting it in airplane mode and disabling Wifi.

Connecting your iPad to the Mac, it may take a minute for it to show up in the Network Utility app as a network interface. If it’s showing up as active, open Mylio on your Mac and iPad.

On the iPad you do have to check that in the Mylio sync settings you have “sync using cellular” enabled as only then Mylio makes use of the additional network interface of the iPad to connect to your Mac.

This requires an iPad with a cellular connection and I’ve so far only tested this on my iPad Pro 10.5", but I would expect this to work on other cellular iPads as well.

Note that if you have fast WiFi this may not give you much benefit as unless you have one of the recent iPad Pros using USB-C, I believe the iPad only connects with a 100Mbit/s connection to the Mac. But for me it does still feel snappier than via WiFi (even though my WiFi is also faster than 100Mbit). With WiFi Mylio often reported 60 to 80Mbit/s speeds syncing with the iPad while via USB I’m now seeing 110 to 140MBit/s.

Another benefit for me is with this it’s cutting down on WiFi signals and I can turn off my WiFi during the night while the sync keeps running. I have two small kids and we’re trying to cut down on EMR. It’s already bad enough in the city with everyone having at least one WiFi hotspot in their flat.

EDIT: just when I saved this, I noticed the iPad actually syncing at 280Mbit/s according to Mylio - not bad for a connection rated at 100Mbit according to Network Utility. So I’m guessing it might actually be faster than the indicated network adapter specs.

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As an update, this also works with my iPhone SE the same way. On the Mac system preferences > network you may just need to check that the “disable unless needed” checkbox is unchecked:

And if the phone asks you to trust the computer, you would of course have to confirm this.