Sync issue with Raw+jpeg

Hi all,
I have a folder with images that contain Raw+jpeg pairs or jpeg only and an XMP sidecar file for all files. The sidecar file has been created with Fastrawviewer, the program I use for culling images. Raw format is from a Pana GX-9, and does work without any problem on the vault containing the originals and the sidecar is also read.

The images that are a Raw+jpeg pair do not sync properly to other devices (thumbnails only). Sync on demand does not work, and neither does a “sync previews” preference, editing ion other dives is not possible. Ratings are visible, so I suppose that the sidecar has been synced. Jpeg only syncs without a hitch.

Any idea what is the cause? I am at the end of my premium trial and would like to solve this before I commit.


I have a Pana G95 and TZ220, and Mylio does not understand their version of RW2 yet. The result for raw-only images is a black placeholder, that looks like a sync failure, but is actually representing the RW2 file that IS there, just not renderable. For pairs, Mylio renders the JPEG regardless of the raw/JPEG setting in the edit pane.

It may be that Mylio HAS copied the RW2 files for you, but cannot render them - are you able to see the underlying filesystem on the other devices? You can’t on iOS, but you haven’t said what they are.

Hi aearenda,

Thanks, you put me on the right track!
Indeed the RAW is not yet supported. I had the global setting “prefer raw when available” set. I think what happens is that I still get a (low resolution) thumbnail from the jpeg, but somehow sync on demand and preview generation is disabled by this setting, so I am stuck with thumbnails on all my devices except the vault containing the originals.
When I switch the setting off I, sync on demand does work on all devices and previews are being generated. Regretfully this means that for my other camera that has a supported RAW format also the jpeg is preferred, which makes going for a subscription much less important. But as I am switching to an external RAW editor that is something I can live with.

A better way would be that Mylio would ignore the “prefer raw” setting for all unsupported raw files. Raw support for more cameras would be even better of course, the GX9 is not that new.



I’m hoping it won’t be too long before they bring RW2 support up to date - see this thread, at the end.

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Is Mylio using Apple’s Raw support?

No - Apple does support the newer RW2 raws, but I think Mylio has its own raw conversion that is the same on all platforms, as it should be.