Sync panel question

When looking at the Sync panel there are about 1640 previews missing (orange indication) but when going to the device panel there is nothing indicated.
How can I know if and what is actually missing?
I have had all devices on but they dont seem to disappear/sync.

Any suggestions?

Screen shots attached. Thanks for any hints!

Hi @LucLL

This is a bug in Mylio 3.7 right now. For some reason, previews are not being generated when the Originals are only stored on a connected Vault (USB or NAS). If you are able to use a Custom Device Sync Policy, you can tell Mylio to sync the Originals missing Previews locally to your MacBook Pro and the Previews should generate. Once the Previews are generated they should sync to the other devices and you can turn the Custom Sync Policy off/adjust it to your liking.

We know finding these images may be difficult. In version 3.8, we will have a search term to make it easier to find images in your catalog that are “Orange” or waiting to sync similar to the “show media waiting to sync” option we have now.

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Thanks for clarifying Michael, appreciated.
If i disconnect local vaults, would there be a way to trigger it from a remote vault? (connected to another device)? or would it may work automatically then?

Remote syncing over the internet occurs automatically. All you should need to do is make sure Mylio is running on the remote computer. If the remote Vault is a NAS or USB it will need to be connected to a local computer to sync remotely to other devices on the account.

I am on Mylio 3.16 and I see the same thing. It seems like the same thing, I may be misunderstanding. Can someone help me make sense of this?