Syncing equally on 2 computers and 1 external drive

I read through the threads but could not find the answer. I have 2 computers and 1 external drive. The external drive vault with all originals was created from one of the computers that also holds all originals. The external drive has the “Mylo.mylodb” file and the contents are identical to the computer. I now want to sync the external drive content with the 2nd computer which should also hold all originals. Basically all three devices would be identical. All three devises show up in the Dashboard. When I mount the external drive on the second computer it shows up on the computer’s desktop. All good. But the Mylio Dashboard on this 2nd computer sees the external drive as offline. I tried restarting / remounting etc. but it will not show up in the Dashboard as “online” to begin syncing. When I click in the detail view of the devices in the Dashboard and click on the word “offline” Mylio responds with a blue popup saying “Please turn on this device to continue syncing”. But there is no button or other method to “turn on” the device. Another popup message says “This device is a vault. To enable setting custom folder policies, please change the device type from the Sync Policy dialog.” This is very confusing—according to other comments in the community the external device should just work automatically with any other computer attached to it and that is online and open. I bring the external drive back to the 1st computer it shows up as expected. Why will the second computer not recognize the drive? I need this to work as the computers are in very different locations.

Hi Michael,

There is no need to move your drive from one computer to the other, specially if all three devices are set to “Originals”, since that means all three have the exact same content already.
However, since I might be misunderstanding your issue, I strongly recommend you email our support team at If you do it directly from Mylio (under the help menu → Contact Support) the team will receive logs from your system, which can be very helpful in diagnosing your issue.

Hi JC, thank you for your quick reply. The 2 computers are in 2 different parts of town. The peer-to-peer syncing seems to work but at 60K images and many of them are very big, syncing via peer-to-peer will take forever, and sometimes internet can be spotty. I want to work on one computer, sync to the drive and go to the 2nd computer and sync all changes directly from the drive. I started from zero with Mylio on the 2nd computer and the drive is supposed to make it identical. The question is still why the 2nd computer does not recognize the drive. Unless I am missing something I will email support. Thank you.

In my experience it takes a while for an external drive that has been used with one computer to show up as ‘online’ in Mylio when attached to another. I think that Mylio is using this time to validate its contents against the catalogue, and after it has done that, it should proceed to update the second computer as you wish.