Syncing never finishes, console shows error after error


I’m facing major problems getting my devices in sync and am currently not able to get my originals synced between the two vaults I have.
The sync panel shows some action, but the transfer rates are low and hardly any progress is made even after several days of continuous syncing.
My two vaults (Server: a NAS and Mylio: an external drive) are connected to my MacBook:

The Mylio console is flooded with messages like these for a seemingly never ending number of file:
2020/11/21 19:55:45.469 F97 Error - s: D:65538<-1 H:1<-1 I:370689.5 IMG_1931.xmp (XMP) - File Path for Media File not found
2020/11/21 19:56:23.969 84A Error - s: D:65539<-65538 H:1<-1 I:301635.2 IMG_2233.HEIC (NonRAW) - HEIC Could not open filestream for /Volumes/Fotos/Mylio/Mylio_5e2a66_65538/Mylio Pictures/IMG_2233.HEIC

I already tried the steps described here for the MacBook and the two vaults, which lead to some photos being moved to a Lost+Found-folder, but the problem persists.

Does anyone have an idea what maybe wrong? I’m feeling a little lost and start to loose hope…

Thank you in advance and have a nice evening,

This looks complex, @SymanK - I recommend you request assistance from Mylio’s support team, using the Help menu in Mylio - they should be able to get to the bottom of it rather quicker than us fellow users!

Hi @aearenda, I did that, thank you for the hint.
It seems as if fixing the orphans as described in the link above had an effect after all, and I was not patient enough. Another night has passed and the sync was successful now.
The error messages are still present in the log, but I’m unsure, whether they are critical and what I can or cannot do to get rid of them.
Maybe Mylio Support will be able to help out.
Kind regards,

Hi @SymanK welcome to the group here :slight_smile:
The first error i have myself a lot and support previously mentioned to me to ignore it. The 2nd one I cant say.

Maybe a small hint. Regarding your NAS. You may know this, but keep in mind that in case you re-attach your NAS, Mylio will have to rescan the entire NAS, so in case you have been or would be moving you computer/laptop around and restart laptop etc. that this may then take extra time for Mylio to catch up as it has to scan the NAS again. This is something specific for NAS attached drives. With 70K pictures it should not take too long, but still.
Just wanted to share.
Hope you can enjoy Mylio now :slight_smile:

Hi @LucLL, thank you, interesting info for sure!
The first one comes up continuously, so I thought it might be a sever underlying issue. I just randomly searched a few of the affected filenames in my Mylio library and found something that all of them seem to have in common: That different pictures with the same name exist, e.g. when new iPhones have the same image name assigned to taken pictures after a while, when they “catch up” to their predecessors.

As long as things stay as they are currently I’m quite happy and relaxed again. I grew really worried about the consistency of my vaults over the last few days…

Good reminder by the way in regards to the NAS storage. The scanning takes some time every time I reconnect and I’m not too happy with the NAS handling to be honest. I’ll have the drive unmounted and only sometimes backup my photos there due to this behaviour.

I’m really looking forward to a (headless) Mylio instance running as the central vault on my Linux server.

Thank you for the input and have a nice day,

@SymanK, one of the reasons I moved away from NAS with Mylio. Now being used for other things.
Enjoy the Mylio ride. good catch indeed regarding the double names. I checked and i have the same findings. indeed those have double names, luckily not in the same folder :slight_smile:

@Mylio_Matt , just a friendly ping here :slight_smile: . If the missing xmp errors in console could have anything to do with having same filenames used. or if this is just normal? I know its not mandatory to have xmp files for each, but why errors/complaining about it constantly in the logs. Nothing urgent, all is working :slight_smile:, thanks for your feedback.

Thanks @LucLL - I’m going to get @Mylio_Deon and @Mylio_Michael 's eyes on this.

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