Syncing over Internet?

I am shocked at that some topics point out that Mylio do sync over Internet when peer-to-peer connection is unavailable.

Although the document state that the syncing works over a peer-to-peer connection. This feature is also being promoted as a advantage of Mylio in privacy.

Mylio syncs over a peer-to-peer connection to ensure that photos and videos are shared between your devices quickly and safely. Peer-to-peer means that your devices do not utilize the internet or the cloud to transfer photos. Instead, Mylio uses a direct wireless connection between your devices to sync information.

I am shocked because if I had not read these topics by accident, I won’t know that my photo may transfer through Internet, even through a relay server! And I can’t even disable Internet syncing unless run some commands which are not written in the document.

Syncing over Internet may bring potential risks even via HTTPS. And it may bring unnecessary expenses when devices connected to metered connections (I don’t know if the syncing will stop automatically under metered connections).

Since syncing is one of the most important features of Mylio, the document should be updated to avoid misunderstanding. And some intuitive options are also necessary.

Under Settings-Sync there is a setting to enable synching when using cellular connection ( Android).
On the PC there must be a setting to disable synching over Internet, at least I think there used to be one.

This option is disable by default. And it’s not applying to the syncing when device connected to Wi-Fi.

I am new to Mylio, and I think current version doesn’t have option like this. The only way I know to disable syncing over Internet is to run some commands.

Thanks for the feedback. Mylio does use Peer to Peer when on a local network. If not on a local network, Mylio can still sync over the internet using end to end encryption. As always, your photos are not relayed through or ever stored on our servers.

The article could use a bit of an update and we’ll get on it!

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@Mylio_Michael - I know Mylio no longer stores any photos on your servers - but we’ve been told here that Mylio does relay data thru your “relay servers” if direct connections over the internet do not work: