Syncing to mac mini is slow

My Mac Mini is set to auto optimized (has only 256 gb harddisk). Attached to it I have an external disk that is a vault. But it seems like syncing to this vault is slow. Could there be good reasons for that? I also have a pc that is a vault. Mylio scans this pc all the time. Little time used for syncing to vaults?

Maybe this goes faster after a while, I hope;)

Last question: Do I have to set up the Mac Mini as a device as long as a vault is attached to it? Maybe it has to be registered as a device?

Is your other Vault - the PC - online? Looking at the image you sent, your new hard drive Vault (called Mac Mini) already has synced all the thumbnail versions of your files, but it still needs many of the Preview and Original versions. Those would only exist in the other Vault, so in order for them to sync that PC/Vault has to be online. Also since the files are on a computer that is not connected directly to the new Drive/Vault, the sync is happening over the network, which is inherently slower than a direct connection.

Assuming your “Mac Mini” drive is formatted as ExFAT, you should consider connecting it directly to your PC and letting it sync completely, then move it back to to the computer called Frodes Mac Mini. Syncing of any new data will go much faster after that initial sync.

As for your other question, yes the Mac Mini computer should be set up as a separate device in order for you to use it and have any Vault attached to it be part of your Mylio ecosystem.

There’s another scenario I’ll mention in case that’s what you’re trying to accomplish. If your goal is to have the Mac Mini act as a vault, but for all the data to reside on the external drive (rather than the Mac Mini’s internal small drive), you can accomplish that by relocating the main Mylio folder for that device to your external drive. Some WARNINGS about this type of setup:

1 - In order for Mylio to work on your Mac Mini the external drive will always need to be connected and mounted.
2 - The drive itself should not be used as a Vault anymore, it will really just be treated as part of the Mac Mini computer. So the drive will need to be removed as a device in Mylio (Troubleshooting: Re-provision an External Drive as a Mylio Device - Mylio Support)
3 - Once the folder has been successfully migrated (Troubleshooting: Moving the Location of Your Mylio Library - Mylio Support) you’ll need to change the Mac Mini from Auto-Optimized to VAULT. This will force a sync all the originals from your other existing Vault (the PC).

All that is to say that this process does have some risks and will take a little time to accomplish since you’ll be copying your entire library again. So you should be very careful implementing it. But if your goal is to just have two devices - PC and MacMini - that both add as Vaults then this is how you can do it.

Please contact Support directly if you are not sure how to proceed or have questions about any of the above steps.

Thank you JC! When setting up my Mac Mini, I set it to be auto optimized. Because it has small internal storage space. I set the attached external drive as a vault. I hope this is right. It works now, but the syncing took a while;)

But, some photos will not sync. My pc is on and Mylio is on. So I see no reason why these photos should not sync to Mac Mini? What can be done to make it sync? Mylio gives no explaination what to do.

@Mylio_JC - this scenario brings up something I’ve always wondered about. How exactly does Mylio do “indirect” replication like this? Eg, files have to be first synced from some other vault to the Mac Mini, then synced from the Mac Mini to the external HD - a 2-step process, right? But the Mac Mini clearly has insufficient storage to hold his 100K+ originals. It’s just a temporary staging point to get those files to the external HD.

So does Mylio (running on the Mac Mini) have to sync the originals one at a time? First sync the file from Other Vault to the Mac Mini (where it is now a temporarily “cached” original). Then sync from the Mac Mini to the external HD. Then go back and do it again with the next original. Or is it more sophisticated - syncing “blocks” of originals at one time to fill the available Mac Mini cache space?

Either way, it seems like this 2-step process would account for it being slow.

Thank you for your question Jimre, I wonder too:)

Right now, I have this situation:

The attached external drive (Mac Mini) wants 29 previews and 17 originals. And the Mac Mini itself (Frodes Mac Mini) wants 1 thumbnail.

The syncing will not finish, so something must be done to solve this. I just don`t find the solution.

If there is an easy solution to this, I will be glad to hear;)

My Pc is on and the Mac Mini and they are on the same network. So I dont understand why Mylio will not finish this. I cant see anything special with the files either.

It is possible to show the files that need to sync, but it doesn`t help since the syncing will not go on. This command show 29 photos. But does these 29 photos also contain the 17 originals?

By the way, I have 17 lost originals on my Pc, but these are not the same as the photos I find when using the command “Show files to sync” on my Mac Mini.

What happens if you make a trivial change to the 29, such as changing the flag and then changing it back?

I have tried, but it doesn`t seem to work :pensive:

I was going to suggest the same thing @aearenda suggested, because the issue seems related to the Preview files. Let me ask around and see what other suggestion the staff might have.

Will it work to export these files out of Mylio (desktop), delete them in Mylio and then import them again? But then I lose some metadata?

That will work, and you should not lose the metadata because the xmp file would still exist. Just make sure the file name remains the same.

YOu can also try performing an edit and then undoing it. This often forces a restamp of the Preview.

If you’re comfortable using the console, you can select the files needing sync and use the command ‘restamp selected media’

Thank you again JC! I exported these photos, deleted them in Mylio and then imported them again. Now everything is in sync!:slight_smile:

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