Syncing to NAS extremely slow

I’ve attached an SMB share from an Unraid sever that has been setup as a Mylio vault before to sync about 8000 photos. Sync progressed extremely slow.

So I’ve deleted the vault and recreated it. About 11000 Photos were now to sync. Still went extremely slow.

Network transfer rate reported by Unraid dashboard was roughly 50 Mbps (range 20 - 100 Mbps). Network cards and network is 1000 Mbps. Files reside already on the SSD of the Mac that has mounted the NAS share. So no additional network traffic required to access the files to be synced.

To check whether the NAS is capable of higher transfer speeds, I’ve started to copy a movie file to the NAS. Immediately the reported transfer speed went up to 950 Mbps.

So it is clearly Mylio that is responsible for the slow speed.

I know that copying a large number of small files is much slower than copying a large movie. But syncing between Macs setup as Mylio vaults works much faster (500 Mbps and higher) and it is the same mix of small and large files that is copied during both syncs.

With that slow sync speed a NAS is barely useable as a Mylio vault.

I wonder, whether this is a special issue with Macs or the Unraid server in combination with Mylio.

Is someone getting better speeds with a NAS? What brand is it and what OS Mylio is running on?

Are these photos newly-imported into Mylio? If new, I wonder if it’s slow because Mylio is still creating thumbnail and preview files for each one?

No they are already on 2 vaults with all thumbnails and previews created.

The Mac mini, that works as a client for the Mylio NAS vault still has to sync over 10000 pictures to the vault after 24h. The process is not completely stalled but countdown rate is approx 5 - 10 seconds per picture.

Imported a bunch of pictures today into Mylio and had the impression, that syncing to the other vault that resides on the Mac mini’s internal drive was also very slow until I disconnected the NAS.

I’m going to open a ticket with Mylio support. Lets see what they say.

I had a ton of issues with Mylio & NAS configuration a few years back, in my case specific to a ReadyNAS communicating with a Mac. If I read your summary correctly, it sounds like you are seeing extremely slow speeds between an Unraid server and a Mac, which might be similar to my issue. I worked for probably 4 or 5 months with support and we finally cracked it, don’t know if it applies here or not.

I turned on debug logging on the Samba processes on the NAS and determined that Mylio was getting an NT_STATUS_LOCK_NOT_GRANTED error on the files as it tried to sync certain files. It appears when Samba is configured to use cross-protocol locking for Mac (fruit:locking = netatalk) this problem crops up. This is really only needed if your server is going to have clients connecting via AFP & SMB on the share at the same time. I’m not sure what in the calls from Mylio were triggering this (vs. interactive use of the finder) but by changing the locking setting to “none” (aka no attempt at cross-protocol locking), it seems to have completely resolved the problem!

This setting can often show up in Samba configs that are setup on servers providing both SMB and AFP to the same shares, not sure if Unraid would have it on by default or not (haven’t a chance to play with Unraid yet, but it’s on my list as Netgear has pretty much abandoned ReadyNAS. After uncovering this, I spent a lot of time digging into the “fruit” settings for Samba which influence how it interacts with MacOS platforms and tweaked a few more settings. Speeds are reasonably good for me, though I haven’t timed lately.