Syncing with amazon prime photos

as a amazon prime subscriber I have unlimited storage for images with amazon - can those pictures work with Mylio as a vault


Yes, just be aware - as a Mylio Vault, this is only useful within Mylio - for backup/restore purposes. Do not expect to use Amazon Photos to browse or search your Mylio photo collection, even if you choose the “unencrypted” vault option within Mylio.

this is still kind of confusing - my pictures are already up on amazon prime - how would that work - allow me another question - does a Mylio vault always has to be a physical drive solely used for Mylio?

I’m not sure what you’re asking - but Mylio is for managing your photos that are stored on your local devices - computers, tablets, and phones. It’s not for managing stuff that’s already in the cloud.

Yes, Mylio can back up your local stuff to the cloud (via Amazon, Google, or OneDrive). But if your photos are already up in the cloud somewhere, you’d have to first download them to your computer in order to import them into Mylio in the first place.

And no, a Mylio “Vault” is not a drive or device dedicated solely to Mylio. A “Vault” is just Mylio’s term for any location that contains a COMPLETE backup of your entire Mylio library - all THUMBNAILS, PREVIEWS, and ORIGINALS. A “Vault” can be a folder on a local internal hard drive, an external drive, a NAS drive, or a cloud drive (Amazon, Google, or OneDrive) - anyplace that has sufficient room to store your entire collection.

When you configure a device (backup location) in Mylio, you can select whether it will be a VAULT. If the device doesn’t have sufficient space to be a VAULT, then you can choose to backup only THUMBNAILS plus optionally some custom mixture of PREVIEWS & ORIGINALS.

all my pictures are on an external drive in a specific folder (source) - can I convert that specific location into a vault for Mylio or how would that work

thanks again

Some assumptions:

  1. This external drive contains the “master” copies of your photos (or at least most of them)?

  2. You want to keep these “master” photos where they are, NOT move them somewhere else?

  3. Your system/boot drive doesn’t have sufficient space for all these photos (which is why you have them on an external drive in the first place)?

Then yes, you should use File -> Import -> External Drive, and choose Add Without Moving. This external drive will then be set up as a VAULT - which means in addition to hosting the existing original photo files, it will also contain all the Previews and Thumbnails that Mylio will generate. And If you add photos from other devices to Mylio - eg, pics taken with phone cameras - then those Originals will also be backed up to this VAULT.

So this is kind of a hybrid scenario where the term “Vault” can be confusing. It’s doing two different things: first it’s a “source folder” where Mylio will find the original copies of these photos. Second, it’s a “backup” of any other files you add to Mylio (eg, from other devices). But all together, the external drive will contain a COMPLETE copy of your entire Mylio Library, therefore it’s considered a “Vault”.

Now to actually PROTECT everything (esp. the original source files on the external drive), you need at least one other VAULT. And this could be Amazon Drive, another external drive, a NAS, etc.

Thank you for the explanations - your assumptions are mostly correct - however my external drive also contains some other media files like mp3s - they are stored in a different folder - can the “vault” also be a folder with all its subfolders or does it need to be a drive exclusively used for the pictures.
as to backup I use backblaze, amazon photos and time machine to backup my stuff - so all the pictures are also backed up to time machine - so I’m actually not sure whether I need to have a 2nd vault.

the drive can have other stuff on it. Mylio is only concerned with the files inside the Mylio folder

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