Tagged by mistake, impossible to find

in a person with more than 20.000 tags, i have added by mistake another person. now it gives me proposals for the wrongly person too.
i have tried several times to find this wrongly placed tag but the pictures are too many.

is there a way to eliminate minority person tags ?
i.e. in a folder with 200 pictures of the same person, 2-3 are the wrong one. because these 2-3 are not matching with the other 198, to warn me or notify me that these 2-3 pictures are not a match with all the rest. . .

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Currently this does not exist, but I can see how it would be helpful. Thanks for the feedback

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also, on “about me” on my Mylio profile website, my country is not listed. - Europe Cyprus

I’ve had that same issue a few times, and it’s been tricky to solve indeed!

Hi all! Matt from Mylio here.

Just for your information: we’re working on a solution to this problem and we expect it to be out soon. This solution will allow you to more easily identify photos that are likely mistagged (plus a lot more that I’m so excited to show you all).

I know I run into this issue and it can be time consuming to solve, so thank you so much for your patience while we make this experience better.


a small parenthesis, in many of my mistaken picture tags (at least from what i have noticed on my mylio) the same name is tagged on 2 people. ( i.e. name “john” is twice tagged in the same picture) besides all the rest regarding the above message, maybe a warning message that the specific picture has the same tag twice will be something good to see in the future.