Tagging faces and the untagged folder

First post here. Wow, how great to see this community, something lacking when I first joined Mylio. I gave it a break and am now trying it again.

Re face tagging. This is the best AI for face tagging I have ever seen. It matches my adult kids to their baby and childhood pics, amazing! However I have a bunch of untagged pics (17000).

Does Mylio slowly chug through these? How do I check it is processing, sometimes when I open the activity window nothing is happening. Also, I get the impression Mylio throws the pictures I have ignored or rejected back into the mix again. I see them again and again. Any tips for this please?


Ignored faces should not show up again. If you think you have duplicate photos, then identical faces may be showing up. Rejected photos should be recommended for other people, if the faces are similar enough, but not for the same person again.

Face recognition should pick up in the background on desktop devices, scanning faces when Mylio is running. It’s a lower priority task, so it wont run until more critical tasks are complete. You should see an activity in the Activities window. It may take a minute or two for face detection to start up when Mylio is idle.

It’s best to have at least one desktop/laptop running and make sure that Settings > Advanced > Face Detection is set to “All”. You can also set this option on mobile devices, but face detection takes a lot of processing and battery power, so it’s set to “Single” by default on mobile devices. The devices will split up the work load, so the more the merrier.

If you still have problems, let us know and we can look into more uncommon issues.

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Also, for the ‘Untagged’ folder in the People view, those images have aleady been scanned for faces and are ready to be tagged by the user. If you are not seeing the faces in Batch Tagging or when you enter a Person folder, then Mylio is not confident enough to propose those faces to people. In the next version of Mylio we will be exposing a setting to adjust the face confidence level, which will generate more proposals in Batch Tagging at the possible expense of some accuracy. Several Mylio users have previewed the setting and were able, with a little extra care, to quickly tag many more faces than were previously proposed by Mylio.

Here are a couple of posts about face recognition that may be informative:


Thanks for the rapid response!

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