The all or nothing dilemma with Apple Photos

The integration of the Apple Photo library into Mylio is great. Especially that it works with multiple libraries, works fully automatic, syncs even edits made in Photos and doesn‘t need additional storage. Brilliant!

But I have to import all photos in my Photos library to take advantage of this magic or I am thrown back to tedious manual export/import procedures.

My iPhone is a tool that not only is an additional camera to take pictures but also help to memorize stuff with its camera like a receipt, a barcode, a sign.

There is no reason to store these within Mylio especially if I share the Mylio database with other people. They are already in my Photos library.

Please make it possible to only automatically import a subset of Apple Photos i.e those that have a certain label or tag to prevent bringing over all the noise that builds up in my Photo library over time into Mylio.


I second your opinion.

While the automatic upload and sync. are so great to get things done, there are too much noise within the iPhone photo library with those temporarily captures. Those are definitely not required to get capture and stored across every other devices.

It is best to have an optional filter so we can tag or flag up the choices of those keeper photos. Pulling off those “bar code” and “receipt” from the Mylio stores is tedious and just wasting resource to manage.

I‘m torn what‘s better: Keeping the automatic import from Photos into Mylio on and deleting the „noise“ regularly or importing only the keepers manually into Mylio.

The first saves on storage as it only links to the originals in the Photos library and syncs edits made in Photos.

Is Mylio on the iPhone scriptable? Then a workaround could be to delete all pictures that lack a certain flag or keyword in the Mylios Photos folder automatically on import or periodically via that script.

I agree. I have chosen to make half-hearted attempts to clean out unneeded photos from Apple photos.

We use the favourite/heart buttons as a way of marking what to keep in Apple photos.

Having Mylio only pull “favourited” photos would be a good way to do that. There is a virtual album of “Favourites” that iPhone presents.