Thumbnail Editing

Sept 21 - I have a External Hard drive as my vault, a laptop , android phone & tablet ( auto optimised) as other devices connected. The past couple of days, I have not been able to edit on either my phone or tablet without a message "thumbnail editing is not possible without a preview/original. I have read up on this, have all my devices on but still no luck. I did edit on my laptop today but prefer to edit on my other 2 devices. My phone & tablet crash after a short while whilst using mylio, which has never happened before. Appreciate any help as finding this so frustrating, when I am out most days taking wildlife photo’s & lately it seems to take me hours to edit. Thanks in advance.

If your phone or tablet is low on space, the higher-quality Preview or Original might not be automatically syncing over, even when your other devices are online. With your computer and/or external drive online, open the actions menu (the square button with three horizontal lines in the bottom right of the screen) in the Mylio app on your phone or tablet. At the bottom of the list you should see “Download”. You can choose to download either the Preview or Original to your device, which you can then edit.

If you continue to have trouble (particularly with crashing) please contact and we can help you further.

Thank you. I will need to contact further as still having crash issues. Thumbnail Editing seems to be solved :blush: