Top ten features that would make Mylio great

I really like Mylio, but still miss some things that would make Mylio great:

  1. Look forward to better search-possibilities
  2. Smart folders
  3. Better keyword solution with support for hierarchial keywords, keyword lists and clickable keywords
  4. Bring back event view
  5. Support for working with secondary display - come on Mylio!
  6. Mylio on Apple TV
  7. Stacking
  8. Duplicate finder
  9. The chance to move panels around, for example to a secondary display. To view metadata, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see
  10. More support for metadata


Very good start could I make a couple of recommendations and like to see the communities input on your list start:

6 → 11 first build a nice presentation capabilities within native app then mirror via your favorite media solution

Possible replace 6 with → Linux Native Vault Services (Headless); with future growth to leverage GPU internal

#8 move up the list
#10 Metadata enhancements with better permissions management so families can integrate folders but not effect whole solution; current solution is clunky at best.

I wouldn’t put on top ten but thought I’d share this idea a web interface to Mylio for photos tagged for Web accessibility; some images can become to large to ship via email if you are truly archiving photos in TIFF or RAW formats…

  1. headless Linux version without the neeod of a client PC
  2. more customizable sync options (breaking the all-files-on-all-devices law) e.g. to share only certain folders or albums with devices from my parents
  3. multi-user support with rights management
  4. intuitive search function without knowing syntax
  5. hidden files option
  6. list of favorite places to choose from when editing GPS
  7. metadata support for videofiles
  8. duplicate finder
  9. more slideshow features (e.g. support for videos, trigger instead of fixed time, etc.)
  10. support for other media asset types like audio to make Mylio the one place for my family memories

Duplicate finder and favorite GPS locations !!! What time savers those would be.

What’s App creates image duplicates, a constant pain in the ass because the image quality of those duplicates is much reduced so I need to check i’m not deleting the originals.

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I agree with all of these but would add

Dust spotting/cloning tool.

I almost forgot:

  1. Adding Persons manually to only one image or video instead of having to add them to two assets and afterwards removing them from the second one. That is sooo annoying, I really wonder what the developers have been thinking when implementing this behaviour?!?

My List:

  1. Duplicate finder
  2. Duplicate finder
  3. Duplicate finder
  4. Duplicate finder
  5. Duplicate finder
  6. Duplicate finder
  7. Duplicate finder
  8. Duplicate finder
  9. Duplicate finder
  10. Duplicate finder

OldPhotog, You forgot one-
11. Duplicate finder

Thanks DaveB, I appreciate you adding my omission, I can’t believe that I forgot it.

  1. Scripting support, it would help much when migrating from e.g. Apple Photos to Mylio, or any other pre-existing application/organisation.

I can understand that it would not be possible to external control Mylio, e.g. via AppleScript or similar, due to the security implications (wouldn’t Facebook just loooove to be able to slurp all your GPS and face data!?), but the internal console could support a few commands and the command to read commands from a specified file. For instance:

addalbum “Some Albumname” somephoto1.jpeg somephoto2.jpeg # Adds all photos with those filenames to that album
flag somephoto1.jpeg somephoto2.jpeg # Put the red flag on all photos with those filenames, then the user can easily find them.
createalbum “Some Albumname” # Hierarchy like “Some parent album”/“Some albumname” is added bonus.
getinfo somephotoID # Gives all information Mylio has about somephotoID, preferrably “machine parsable” like json/yaml or csv. This should be dumped to a file (appended!), which can be hard coded like “Myliodata.json” on the desktop.

This way I can write a AppleScript to list the filenames of the photos in one album and then have them either added to a smilarily named album in Mylio or have them flagged to be able to move them myself.

The commands can be pretty simple and no looping structures or conditionals, if Mylio can read commands from an external file most of that can be handled in generating that file.

I don’t expect this would be a much used feature, but it would be extremely useful for us that will use it, therefore it should be kept to a minimum to reduce maintenance cost for the Mylio team.

#1 missing feature is actually an entire CATEGORY of missing features:

Curate / Publish / Share

Mylio is great for backup, but offers very little for sharing. Requiring other people to install Mylio on their device, login with MY account/password (!), and then sync ALL of my 300K Thumbnails (at a minimum) is a non-starter. And Mylio’s very basic File → Export command doesn’t even begin to address photo-sharing web sites, social media, etc. Sure, there seems to be a Share to Flickr command, but unfortunately I don’t use Flickr.

Everyone’s list will be different, but I’d like to be able to share selected Albums and photos directly from Mylio to the following:

  • Google Photos
  • FB/Instagram
  • Smugmug
  • local streaming devices like Apple TV, FireTV or Roku

I’d also love to see some type of built-in “web server” in Mylio (on Windows, Mac, or eventual headless Linux) that lets anyone with proper access + a web browser view, browse, and search at least some curated/published portion of my Mylio library.

And “curation” I think requires better ways to keep your collections organized - via Smart Albums, Smart Folders, persistent queries, etc. - and better ways to automatically (or at least easily) re-publish your updated collections.

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Found some :slight_smile:


In iOS you get share to app if they can handle images, which includes FB/Instagram. Maybe try out your mobile device to see if you can get such sharing type functionality.

In general I think people want to share a selected album with people, and export to file feels a bit clunky on the desktop.

Confirmed. From the ios Mylio app, you can select a photo (or click Range at the top and select a bunch of photos) … then at the bottom of the page you will see an icon with an arrow pointing upwards, and you can then export those images to whatever is already registered on your device to handle things like that, email, facebook, airdrop, messages, even Synology Moments if you have that installed.

Does that fit the bill for sharing? I don’t have google photos installed on my phone, but I assume this could be a way to export a selection to Google photos?


Thanks for the comments suggesting using iOS app sharing. I’m familiar with the one-off “sharing” things you can do with iOS but that’s not really what I’m looking for. And so far as I’ve found - there’s no way to include Google Photos as an iOS sharing target (you can share to Google Drive, unfortunately Google severed the ties between Drive & Photos last year).

My requests really were to make sharing more of a CORE Mylio feature - particularly on the desktop platforms. I don’t want to rely on random phone-only shortcuts for such core functionality. If you want a better idea what I have in mind there - take a look at Lightroom “Publishing Plugins”.

Beyond sharing to other platforms - I also think Mylio is missing the boat by not having any built-in sharing mechanisms of its own. Like a basic web server or a very simple “viewer” app or mode that doesn’t require syncing. As I said, using the regular Mylio app for curation & sharing with (non-technical, non-photographer) people is a non-starter. The Mylio app was designed totally for obsessive photographers like me to organize & backup my photos - not for normal humans to use as a photo viewer.

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Many good comments here. It would be interesting if also the Mylio team could make some comments on my list and give us a hint if they are working on some of these topics.

  • I know they soon will implement a duplicate finder. Good!
  • I can see that many of us miss a smart folder solution. Working with this?
  • I also see that many of us want a kind of stacking feature that give us the opportunity to choose which version to be on top of the stack. Do you have plans for this?
  • I love the better search option we have now but agree that it could be built up in steps to make it easier to build a complex search
  • A better keyword solution. Any plans for that?
  • As I said, I love Mylio. But I dont understand why it hasnt support for a secondary display and more flexibility to move panels/resize panels. Plans for this?

1.The ability to drag and drop photos from Mylio to Windows Explorer or the web interface of a photo printing service.
2. An “And” search for multiple people.

That was added last week in Mylio version 3.14.

Ah, thank you for pointing that out!!
It’s still not quite what I’d like to see, but it’s a big improvement. I would like it to work from the graphical interface instead of having to type person(a) & person(b) in the search bar. When I just check off people in the search list, the default search is person (a, b) which does an “or” search. (Note the Help system has the incorrect syntax “people” not “person”.) I’m still baffled why “or” is the default search mode. Who thinks, hmm, I want a picture that has either Grandpa OR baby Susie in it? Surely everyone more often wants the picture that has Grandpa AND baby Susie?

I agree that “AND” is the more likely use case when selecting people from the search menu.

It appears “people” and “person” are synonyms. They both seem to work the same. But I agree they should be documented consistently.