Trackpad and mapped key support on ipadOS

The latest ipadOS and Magic Trackpad now support doing a lot more on the iPad without touching the screen by using new gestures on the trackpad and remapping keys like Caps-Lock or Globe to Escape, for example. Support of these in Mylio could speed up a lot of navigation that currently requires using the screen, like going up a level or across to an earlier or later sibling folder.


Trackpad scrolling isn’t working for me with my Apple Magic Keyboard & my iPadPro. Is this a bug or is the support missing for that?

There’s no trackpad support yet, only keyboard.

I’m also missing this feature.

And while you’re at it, it would be nice if you could make the touch scrol smoother. It’s not the same butter smooth sensation you get in other apps. It feels almost like the faster you swipe the slower it scrolls. Kinda weird.