Trying to reboot without success

I restarted my Mylio experience the other day. 70,000 photographs I had from when I used it previously, augmented by the 10000 photos in my apple Photos app. No problem.

However, I realised that I had multiple duplicates, and duplicates is something Mylio is hopeless at (will this ever change?). So even though I had spent hours and hours trying to tag people I decided to reset in order to build a curated duplicate free new Mylio library (in fact the tagging experience made me realise how many duplicates there must be ).

I deleted Mylio, renamed the previous vault so it wouldn’t be detected and redownloaded. So far so good. I thought I would start with my photos library, which I had spent many hours on weeding out duplicates and other unwanted images. It’s about 105Gb. Mylio found it without problem but thinks it has 0 images in it. The location is correct. So currently I am stuck, unable to import anything. Help!

Sadly this will be game over for me. Not fit for purpose.

Hey there!

So sorry for the lack of response here. Mylio 3.8 was just released late last night with a major update to our Apple Photos import tool. We know this feature has had some issues in the past and are really excited to make it easier to use Mylio in-concert with Apple Photos. If your Mac is running macOS Catalina, we would love for you to give it a try. An explanation of how we work with Apple Photos in this update is explained in the link below. Let me know if you have any questions.